Facebook ignores the volume of deceptive ads
Facebook ignores the volume of deceptive ads

Documents announced in court said Facebook executives had ignored an employee who suggested changing the scale to make it more accurate, because they believed the change would affect revenue.

These documents are part of an ongoing class-action lawsuit, originally filed by a small business owner in 2018, that relates to Facebook's potential coverage schedule, which advertisers can use to see when their ad campaigns can hit the auction yard. Estimated audience and budget for the number of people.

According to the lawsuit, Facebook executives realized years ago that indicators of potential coverage were misleading, but they took no action and are actively trying to cover up the problem.

The lawsuit says: COO Sherrill Sandberg admitted in an email in the fall of 2017 that she had known about potential access issues for years.

The lawsuit indicated that the potential impact is misleading because it is a measure of people and a measure of accounts.

She added: Facebook didn't intentionally remove duplicate or fake accounts from this ad measure.

The lawsuit also alleges that an analysis conducted via Facebook in early 2018 found that removing duplicate accounts led to a 10% drop in numbers.

Apparently, the manager of the potential impact product suggested changing the ad settings so as not to include the word "person" or "influence" later and made it clear that he was customer focused.

However, the lawsuit argues that Facebook's metrics team rejected the proposal because Facebook's impact on sales would be enormous.

The lawsuit said a potentially influential product manager stated that we could never make a profit because these profits were based on inaccurate data, while another employee said the announcement of the coverage estimate and current position was incorrect.

In 2020, Facebook generated $ 84.2 billion in advertising revenue, making it one of the largest digital advertisers in the United States and around the world.

A Facebook spokesperson responded to the new allegations in the lawsuit: These allegations are baseless and we are defending ourselves.

He added: These files have been carefully chosen to match the image of the complainant and the level of access to them is only an estimate and not a guarantee of the election results, as the company's fees depend on the number of people who see the advertisement or click on it and the use of the advertisement is clear. Calculate the potential coverage in the facade. Owned before 2018.

Facebook announced in March 2019 that after the first lawsuit was filed, the estimated accessibility would change based on how many people had seen an ad on one of the company's products in the last 30 days and matched the advertiser's desired audience. Placement benchmarks and a baseline estimate of user activity over the past 30 days.

Facebook now describes ad metrics as an estimate of the number of people the ad can reach based on the targeting options and the ad position you choose when creating your ad, rather than an estimate of how many people are likely to see your ad.

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