Firefox provides complete cookie protection
Firefox provides complete cookie protection

As part of the web-tracking war, Mozilla Foundation is adding a new tool to Firefox called Total Cookie Protection to prevent cookies from providing you with bookmarks on multiple websites.

Complete cookie protection is mainly achieved by storing cookies between each website you visit, or in Mozilla's words: by creating a separate cookie jar for each website.

Mozilla said: When this functionality is combined with the advanced cookie protection feature released last month, Firefox is stronger than ever, providing users with robust and comprehensive cookie tracking protection.

This new feature is available in Hard mode and provides improved tracking protection in the desktop and Android versions.

Cookies are text files containing a small amount of data that you can use to identify your computer.

They are designed to improve your browsing experience. However, they can also be used to monitor your online activities without your consent.

As part of the "Privacy Sandbox" project, Google is also developing a plan to stop tracking third-party cookies through the Chrome browser. The goal is to enable personalized ads while at the same time restricting personal data.

In addition to full cookie protection, Mozilla has added several picture-in-picture support in Firefox 86 which can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Now you can watch multiple videos simultaneously and schedule multiple impressions at the same time at next month's NCAA March Crazy Basketball Tournament.

The new update is a precursor to our expectations and we are planning to carry out a complete overhaul of Proton later this year.

Proton launched in January and includes a change to the Mozilla title bar, toolbar and tab bar, as well as the introduction of tools that make customizing the appearance of new tabs easier than ever before.

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