FPS Boost doubles the game frame rate
FPS Boost doubles the game frame rate

Microsoft released a new FPS Boost feature for the newer Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game platforms, designed to improve the way current games work.

While Microsoft previously pledged to provide backward compatibility for the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game platforms to increase frame rates, FPS Boost is designed to improve older games without requiring developers to do extra work.

Some games almost doubled the frame rate, and the software giant said, in some cases, backward compatible games quadrupled the frame rate.

According to the company, the first games to support FPS Boost are Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky Story, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2.

Improvements vary from game to game, especially with Xbox Series S: New Super Lucky's Tale now runs at a 120fps refresh rate, while UFC 4 now runs at a 60fps refresh rate.

When you hit the Xbox button with the joystick, games with FPS Boost will have a new ad, just like the Quick Recovery ad or the Auto HDR ad that appears today on the Xbox Series X and Xbox consoles. S series

Xbox Program Director Paul Ng said this was only the beginning. When we release new menu icons and system settings in the next system update, we'll announce more games that support this new feature.

He said: This new dashboard update will be released in the spring, including the ability to change the in-game compatibility options and disable the automatic HDR feature or change the new FPS boost to the effects it contains or the game to watch games. In its original form.

Microsoft will be launching FPS Boost on a large scale with a new dashboard update.

While the initial list is limited, Microsoft has announced plans to release more games that support FPS Boost in the coming months.

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