FX3 - Sony's least expensive cinema camera
FX3 - Sony's least expensive cinema camera

Sony introduced the new FX3, a compact, full-frame camera that is now the cheapest in the Japanese company's film video lineup.

The backlit full image sensor has a resolution of 10.2 megapixels and a dynamic range of 15 degrees for video recordings.

Compared to the A7S III, the FX3 combines some of the more expensive camera functions into a smaller, lighter body.

One of the main differences between the FX3 and A7S III is the design. The FX3 has the same chassis as the A7S III, but is slightly thicker and shorter.

The increase in thickness is due to the camera's Active Cooling System, which cools the interior while recording. Even in a hot environment, the camera can record for up to 13 hours without interruption.

The shorter height is due to the distance from the electronic viewfinder. The FX3 is designed as part of the platform and has 5 screw mounts, three of which are mounted on top.

Compared to the A7S III camera, Sony has made several design changes including an illuminated record button at the top, a joystick at the top, zoom controls around the shutter button, front and back lights, an on / off switch, and an improved keyboard shortcut for a workflow. the video.

The FX3 comes with a top handle that has an audio interface similar to the Sony XLR-K3M range, but does not have a built-in microphone.

The audio interface has three microphone inputs, including two full-size XLRs and a 3.5mm input, as well as controls for adjusting the microphone input.

The top handle uses two tripods and three more so you can attach other accessories like outdoor displays.

In terms of software, compared to the A7S III, the only major change to the FX3 is the addition of S-Cineton.

This video preset is compatible with other Sony cameras, giving the viewfinder a cinematic effect without having to deal with complex situations.

The FX3 is priced at around $ 3,900, which is $ 400 more than the A7S III. With the A7S III focused on a lot of videos, the FX3 looks a bit odd in Sony's lineup.

If video is your only use case and you want the following features: S-Cinetone interface and audio available, the FX3 might be a better option when it becomes available in mid-March.

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