Google brings new educational tools to Chromebooks
Google brings new educational tools to Chromebooks

Chromebook will be used in 2020, especially in the classroom. Therefore, advertising with more features can help educate Google better, making life easier for teachers and students.

Google said in a new blog: It plans to launch 40 new devices in the coming months and improve accessibility.

Screen Recording Tool is a new feature built into Chrome OS. This tool allows teachers and students (available in March with Chrome OS version 89) to record lessons and come back to later.

Google is also planning to release a new Chromebook to better serve students with limited internet access in countries / regions with strong mobile broadband networks.

Always-on internet devices support LTE, so you don't have to rely on wireless networks.

Most of the 40 new Chromebooks slated for release in the coming months support convertible features.

This means it can be used as a laptop or tablet device and it supports pen, touch screen and two cameras.

Whether you are drawing, editing videos, or taking notes, these features provide students with better learning and creativity tools.

Google has also announced plans to introduce more accessibility features as a new tutorial has been added to the built-in ChromeVox screen reader with the ChromeVox menu search function and a voice switch that can automatically change the screen reader's voice based on the text language.

Google said it allows families to add Google Workspace for Education accounts to their children's personal Google accounts, which are managed through Google's Parental Control Program Family Link.

This means that kids can still log into their apps and school accounts, while parents can make sure they stay focused on learning by restricting the use of other apps and the computer. General equipment.

Additionally, the research giant has added new features to help teachers better deploy multiple Chromebooks among students.

As Google continues to improve Google Meet, so too have all these new improvements. It is a very important distance learning app for Chrome OS.

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