Google introduces improved sleep tracking tools for Android apps
Google introduces improved sleep tracking tools for Android apps

The Android development team announced this week that it will work to make this low-power sleep tracking API available to the public for third-party Android developers.

It just means that developers can create better sleep tracker apps without much effort.

In the absence of a smartwatch, many users use the phone to monitor their sleep patterns, although there is no shortage of apps that claim to be eligible for the task, but not everyone is qualified.

Google hopes to change this situation by opening up energy-saving sleep tracking APIs to the public.

The team said that with this API, users can view data in two ways.

The data is reported to the app every 10 minutes and then collected to the user once the warning is detected.

According to Google, the announcement theoretically means that developers can now use the toolkit to update existing services and create new Android apps to store more data while also helping to extend the phone's battery life.

If you are an Android developer, you can access the API in the latest version of Google Play Services.

Using the API, you can view a normal sleep confidence report and a larger sleep sector report every 10 minutes once the alarm is detected.

Although the multiple sensor signals used by the activity tracker app can damage a phone's battery, according to Google, the sleep tracking API focuses on the sleep detection process to improve performance.

Google stated that it has partnered with the Sleep as Android app, which also contains the following features: Smart Results and Sonar, which allows you to track your sleep remotely so it works normally.

To stay updated, Google has worked hard to improve its sleep and health programs, including Fit and Bedtime. However, the API extension for sleep tracking functions aims to expand options. App Store.

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