Google is funding Linux kernel developers to focus on security
Google is funding Linux kernel developers to focus on security

The Linux Foundation has announced plans to fund two Linux kernel security developers as both developers devoted their time to improving kernel security and related plans.

This news comes on the heels of the launch of OpenSSF, the open source security organization of the Linux Foundation and the Innovation Science Lab (LISH) at Harvard University. An open source stakeholder survey report was published in the report, which identified the need for open source software security. For other business.

The Linux Foundation said in a press release: Google's contribution to protecting two dedicated security officers shows that maintaining open source software integrity is essential.

Dan Lorink, a software engineer at Google, said: Security is always a top priority at Google, and we understand that security is critical to the sustainability of open source software.

"We are honored to support the efforts of (Gustavo Silva) and (Nathan Chancellor) to improve the security of the Linux kernel.

Die Linux Foundation sagte: Obwohl es Tausende von Linux-Kernel-Entwicklern gibt, sehen sie alle Sicherheit als geeigneten Prozess für ihre Arbeit, aber der Beitrag von Google zum Schutz von zwei Vollzeit-Linux-Sicherheitshertminister deager e-Sicherheitsadministrator e he is. Sustainability of open source software.

As of August 2020, over 20,000 Linux employees have made over 1 million commitments, and Linux kernel developers have always kept an eye on the security of the code.

The Linux kernel is the primary interface between a computer and the software that runs on a computer and has become the cornerstone of most of the open source systems spread around the world.

However, Google's takeover of full-time Linux security managers underlines the importance of security in open source software.

Ensuring the security of the Linux kernel is very important as it is an important part of modern computers and infrastructure and everyone should do their best to ensure that the kernel remains secure.

Google and Linux Foundation previously worked independently to help open source projects manage their brands.

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