Google launched a new news platform in Australia
Google launched a new news platform in Australia

Tech giant Google launched a new news platform in Australia on Friday. The news platform publishes the information that you pay for and has its own content engaging with publishers to show that Canberra has offered to enforce payment laws. His first state of kindness in the world is useless.

The News Showcase platform has already been launched in dozens of countries / regions including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. The application is scheduled to take place in June this year in Australia.

However, when Canberra made payments to Australian media companies a legal requirement, Google delayed the plan, which is unprecedented in any other part of the world.

The tech company continued to pressure the Australian government in private meetings. He said: This legislation is impractical and if it is implemented it will force him to withdraw completely from Australia.

According to Google, the News Showcase news platform offers an improved way to display articles with the goal of giving participating news publishers more opportunities to share important news with readers in a way that directly controls the presentation of news and branding.

The News Showcase limited edition launched in Australia, and it has attracted seven local media outlets, including the Canberra Times, to co-use their content.

Financial details of the content transaction were not disclosed. Google said in a statement: It is looking forward to signing deals with more Australian publishers and that Canberra's positive response to Google has strengthened its position.

The new platform offers an alternative to the model proposed by the Australian government and remains the vision of major publishers to participate in the platform.

Product featured in Google News for Android, iOS, web, and iOS Discovery.

Product introduced in the context of Senator testimony during a congressional hearing: Since the product has not been tested in Australia, you cannot be sure that the News Showcase will provide any amount of financial support to the publisher. Good solution.

Under the proposed Canberra legislation, Google would also have to pay Australian publishers for content included in search results or news feeds.

While Google's public stance on leaving the country is consistent, the Australian Treasury Secretary said: Google's approach has been constructive in private meetings over the past few days.

"I had a very constructive discussion with the Prime Minister and Minister of Communications as well as the President of Google. Google has demonstrated its commitment to Australia and has also demonstrated its commitment to the legislation," the minister told reporters on Friday.

Last year, the search giant announced the launch of a "news showroom" with an initial commitment to invest one billion dollars in partnership with news publishers.

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