Google pays 450 sites to provide you with free news
Google pays 450 sites to provide you with free news

Google News Showcase launched in the United Kingdom and Argentina. This program allows search giants to pay for sponsorship news from publishers.

In the United Kingdom, it has more than 120 publications and has subscribed to 40 Argentine publications.

The service provides readers with the option of free access to paid subscription content.

News Showcase was launched last week in Germany, Brazil and Australia and now includes content from over 450 publications worldwide.

Publications available through this service in the United Kingdom include Reuters, the Financial Times, The Independent and The Telegraph, while publications in Argentina include Clarin, La Nacion and Perville.

One of the most common questions from Google is that publishers not only need to access protected content through the paid subscription system, they also have to pay a monthly fee to organize the story.

You can find the top stories in the Google News app for Android, iOS, web, and Discovery for iOS.

News Showcase launched in Australia last week. In that country, the company is facing a dispute with lawmakers over new regulations that may force it to pay news publishers for their content.

Google recently threatened that if the news media bargaining act goes into effect, it will pull its search engine overseas.

Last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scott Morrison) said he had started constructive negotiations with Google's CEO on the new regulations.

Seven Australian publishers have signed the plan, which will include 25 publications. However, nine publishers chose not to negotiate with Google before the new law went into effect.

Google said in the FAQ: It believes News Showcase should adhere to the new rules as issuers may unintentionally choose to accept News Showcase transactions.

Facebook has taken similar news initiatives, including paying publishers to license their content through its News tab, part of the service that includes carefully planned and customized reports.

After launching in the US, the tab recently arrived in the UK.

Like News Showcase, Facebook includes payment for content licensed to specific publishers, including some typically paid content.

Google said it is also preparing to launch news shows in France, Canada and Japan outside the UK and Argentina.

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