Google Photos introduces new editing functions
Google Photos introduces new editing functions

Google has added some cool and exclusive editing features to Google Photos so that all Android users can use Google Photos. However, there's a problem: If you don't have a Pixel phone, you need to be a paid subscriber. Google is one to use.

There have been rumors for some time that the paid subscription system has a special editing feature, but the newly added content represents the official release of the new software.

Google is offering some of the latest editing tools supported by machine learning, such as the improved Portrait Blur features and Portrait Light and Color Pop that it began offering alongside the Pixel 5 last fall to a wider audience.

As Google made clear, when the company discovered the paid subscription system, it didn't rule out the current version features for free Google Photo users, like Portrait Blur or Color Pop.

The current version of these features can be used with newer images that provide deep data (such as portrait photos) and remain within everyone's reach.

However, new features for Pixel phone and subscription users are expected to continue to increase, allowing users to apply these effects through machine learning to old images without the existing depth data.

Whether or not they have a Google One subscription, Pixel phone users can still use these features for free.

In addition to new editing features, Google has introduced new AI-powered filters: the new dynamic filter can automatically increase brightness and contrast, and the sky suggestion filter can adjust the font for more exciting effects.

The Google One subscription fee is $ 1.99 per month and is mainly used to expand the storage space for Google services, as the basic plan offers 100GB of storage and over 15GB of combined storage for free.

Google also offers subscribers additional permissions to improve transactions, such as: b. Google Store Rewards. New editing features for Google Photos may be part of the plan.

It is also worth noting that a few months before the end of the unlimited free Google Photos storage program, Google expanded its image-oriented products with Google One so that the company can offer a Google One A solution to users who need storage. Save the photos

Google announced that it will offer some of the same functionality between the iOS and Android versions of the app. Over the next few weeks, the Android version will benefit from Google's enhanced video editor for iOS, and the iOS version will be available in the next few weeks. Weeks. Update in a few months to get the new photo editor Google launched last fall.

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