Here is the not-yet-announced DJI FPV COMBO plane
Here is the not-yet-announced DJI FPV COMBO plane

DJI's drones haven't been in widespread use in a few months, but there is now a video showing the new DJI FPV COMBO quadcopter, an FPV controller, and goggles from nearly every angle.

The label in the upper right corner indicates that this is not a test product because it is a test unit. This means that some detailed information on the DJI FPV COMBO jet may change before the scheduled take-off in March.

The video shows that in addition to the large main camera installed over the hood of the drone, there are also a number of front and ground cameras that can prevent the sensors from being bypassed.

The lower part of the aircraft also contains two infrared and LED sensors to enable landing in poor lighting conditions.

The battery has a long rectangle that connects directly to the back, and the kit appears to come with a charger and portable power bank to extend battery life, although the connected device is not known.

The new console design is inspired by the console joystick, as each hand has a separate handle and control buttons at the back.

The controller also includes the popular DJI detachable joystick in each handle, a MicroSD card slot and a USB-C charging port.

The video says: The new V2 looks lighter than the DJI glasses originally launched in 2019, although the design is exactly the same.

There are no updated flight shots of the DJI FPV COMBO and the team who filmed this video (Dominion Drones) should not be releasing it anytime soon.

The video first appeared on Dominion Drones' YouTube channel and was removed shortly thereafter. There was no video recording, but the video was on SpiderMonkey FPV.

In December 2020, the Trump administration blacklisted the Chinese company due to its relationship with the Chinese government.

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