Here's how to set up an Apple Watch for your child on your phone
Here's how to set up an Apple Watch for your child on your phone

Typically, Apple smartwatch users need to pair it with their iPhone during the initial setup. However, if your phone is running iOS 14 or later and your child's watch is running WatchOS 7 or later, here's how to fix it: a. The new feature is called (Family Settings) Family Settings.

First, what is the home tuning feature and how does it work?

Using the (Family Settings) function, you can easily configure Apple Watch from your mobile phone for family members who do not have a private iPhone, for example b- Children or family members who have an old iPhone that does not support the system, and there is no limit to the number of family members who can use smart watch.

Any watch that is set up as part of this process can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, use various applications, such as: for example: "Health and Activity" applications, purchase applications in the application store and other functions.

With this function, you can configure any Apple smartwatch via your phone. However, there are certain conditions that everyone must respect. These conditions are as follows: The person who wants to configure the watch must use a phone (iPhone 6s) or any other device. Higher version and use OS version (iOS 14) or higher for initial setup.

In addition, it should be used with the Watch Series 4, Watch SE, or higher WatchOS 7 or higher version of the watch that supports the use of cellular connectivity. . What is needed for the job. Additionally, some features and apps require everyone to have an Apple ID with Family Sharing features enabled.

Second, here's how to set up an Apple Smart Watch for your child using a mobile phone:

  •     Turn Apple Watch on and move it close to iPhone.
  •     Wait for the Apple Smart Watch pairing screen to appear on the iPhone, then click the (Next) option.
  •     A pop-up window will appear with two options: (Set for myself) or (Set for family members).
  •     Click Options (Family Member Settings), then click Next on the next screen.
  •     After the watch has been paired normally, set the password.
  •     Select a family member. If (Family Sharing) is turned on on your iCloud account, you will see a list of available family members.

When finished, you can choose the features you want to give your child, such as: For example, search for people, messages, services, and SOS activities in an emergency. You can also make a list of contacts for your child to use. To communicate with you, you can also activate the (School Hours) (School Hours) function so that your child can focus on his homework.

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