ow do you see the probe of hope reach Mars
ow do you see the probe of hope reach Mars

The UAE-owned Al Amal probe was due to enter Mars orbit on Tuesday after being launched from Earth last year.

For heads of mission in Dubai, this represents an alarming climax to the UAE's first space mission.

If the "Hope" probe succeeds in studying the atmosphere of Mars, the UAE Cabinet hopes the mission will also inspire a new science and technology sector as Gulf states hope to transform their economies from dependence on oil.

Last July, when Earth and Mars orbited the sun, the Nozomi probe was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

The spaceship has traveled more than 300 million miles and is planning to conduct a complex and fully autonomous maneuver called "Inserting Mars Orbit" at 7:30 PM (UAE time).

With a connection delay of 22 minutes through NASA's space network, the Dubai Mission Control Center has no way of knowing if the launch of Mars orbit will begin before 7.42 PM UAE time. united.

Real-time manual control is not possible, so the probe must perform this orbital manipulation by itself.

The maneuvers force the probe to reduce its velocity from 121,000 kilometers per hour to 18,000 kilometers per hour in order to safely access the detection path around Mars.

During the maneuver, half of the fuel in the probe housing was burned to slow its speed and fed into the detection path.

The Delta-V inverter runs the internal combustion engine fuel for 30 minutes to slow down the detector.

The exercise is to place the probe on a detection path around the red planet. After five minutes, the head of the mission loses contact with the probe when it flies around the other end of Mars and the radio signal is turned off. For 15 minutes.

Sara Al Amiri, Assistant Project Leader, the Emirates Mars Exploration Mission, said: “We have had enough training and have investigated all situations, which may be good or bad, and put them in the chain of command.

For the past six years, the Hope Exploration Task Force 450 has designed and tested the spacecraft for the mission.

If all goes well, the spacecraft mission will hopefully make the UAE the fifth space force to reach Mars, after the United States, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and India.

Over the next two months, the probe will conduct additional operations to approach a closer orbit near Mars. This is the main goal of measuring the Martian atmosphere and taking a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere and weather conditions.

The probe should orbit Mars every 55 hours and take a full shot every 9 days.

The United Arab Emirates posted the latest news about the entire mission on Twitter using the Mars Quest account, while the UAE space agency began broadcasting mission control in Dubai at 6 pm, and the exercise at 7:30 pm in the UAE.

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