Karma announces the launch of the GS-6 hybrid sports car
Karma announces the launch of the GS-6 hybrid sports car

Karma Automotive, an electric start-up, has launched its latest GS-6 hybrid, which has the same design as the luxury Revero GT sedan, except that it is nearly half the price of the Revero GT, with an attractive goal. To more clients.

If the new car succeeds, K-Mart Motors could achieve its goal of becoming a small manufacturer in time, triggering a new wave of optimism and finance in the electric vehicle industry.

This startup was established in 2014 when China Automobile Wanxiang Group acquired most of Fisker's assets after bankruptcy.

Karma Automotive has spent some time selling a small number of Revero hybrids for close to $ 150,000 over the past few years as it's hard to get back on your feet again.

The GS-6's main goal appears to be to attract more buyers to help Karma Automotive out of this disruption.

The car is powered by a BMW three-cylinder engine, equipped with a turbocharger and two electric motors, and its total output is about 536 hp.

The 28 kW battery can travel 80 miles on electricity alone.

The interior features a touchscreen in the center of the dashboard compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a set of digital drivers.

The company said it also offers a large amount of sustainable finishing and seat materials to attract environmentally conscious buyers.

Karma Automotive sells both the sporty and luxury versions of the GS-6, and an all-electric version (called the GSe-6) will be launched at a later date with a starting price of $ 7,9900.

The company hopes to target younger buyers at a lower price. The California plant has a total production capacity of 15,000 vehicles.

The company has invested a lot of time and money developing autonomous technologies, but the technology is not expected to show up in the startup's car anytime soon.

The GS-6 package contains optional driver assistance functions such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping.

The company has also contributed to other advanced technologies and will develop a way in the future to use hydrogen and methanol fuel cells to power electric vehicles.

He hopes to sell the tech platform that powers the car to other automakers, and he's also developing an SUV.

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