Microsoft has added "Adaptive Notification Requirements" to the Microsoft Edge browser in hopes of finding a new solution to the ongoing requirement that can display notifications from websites viewed online:

According to the new article, the company plans to launch an adaptive notification feature in version 88 of the Microsoft Edge browser after receiving positive feedback from our testers.

Suppose there is a website that normally asks you to send notifications, but no one wants them. Users ignore the request or click the block button to ensure they never see it again.

Microsoft will then collect this data and stop offering notification requests to future new users.

In previous releases, Microsoft released 'silent notification' requests by default. This means that it was automatically blocked and displayed as a bell icon in the address bar as users clicked to subscribe.

Microsoft said in the article: This solved users' complaints about receiving a lot of requests, but it created a new problem, as people, even in the past, stopped completely enabling notifications on many websites that the user activates.

The new version hopes to strike a balance between displaying notification requests from users who might want it, hiding the ones they don't want, and disabling requests that were not sent automatically.

Microsoft will not leave users who do not want to receive requests because you can re-enable silent notification requests using the following methods: take turns to access site settings, cookies and permissions, and then issue an alert to re-enable them.

If you click on the block option for three consecutive notification requests, Microsoft will automatically enable the silent notification feature.

If a user rejects the request three times in a row or clicks elsewhere on the page four times in a row to ignore the request, the browser will automatically block notifications from the site.

Microsoft Edge receives an adaptive notification request
Microsoft Edge receives an adaptive notification request

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