Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming at 1080p
Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming at 1080p

Microsoft is making final changes to the Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs, including access to streaming games through the company's xCloud service, which have not yet been announced or released.

Once launched, Windows users can use the app to play game streams from Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and xCloud consoles.

Currently, you cannot stream games from the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X platforms to a Windows PC because the current Xbox Console Companion app does not support this feature.

The new app fixes this issue and introduces xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time.

We got our first look at Microsoft's xCloud web because the company started testing streaming games from its xCloud platform through a web browser, and it has gotten a lot better since then.

The Xbox Remote Play functionality does the same as current Xbox console facilities.

You can activate the gaming platform remotely, log in and play from anywhere.

With full touch support, you can now play Xbox games on your Surface or any other touchpad devices without a joystick.

Microsoft also appears to be preparing for some form of GPS support and has an option to enable it, but it doesn't look like it's fully functional yet.

Since this app is still an internal beta app, it is incomplete.

Microsoft is also apparently preparing to stream the media on the xCloud platform at 1080p instead of the 720p resolution available today.

This will of course improve the experience between Windows PCs.

It's unclear when the app will be more widely available.

There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to host a "New Game Features" event next month so soon we'll hear a lot of news about the company's xCloud plan for web and iOS.

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