Mindful Method .. a mental health software by Fitbit
Mindful Method .. a mental health software by Fitbit

Fitbit has launched an exclusive health plan for discerning Fitbit Premium subscribers called the Mindful Method.

Fitbit smartwatches and trackers are great for your health, but the company focuses on your overall health.

In addition to fitness, Fitbit can help you manage stress, and the new Mindful Method can help you gain super-followers.

The plan was created by alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra, building on the company's focus on stress management, beginning with Sense Watches.

According to Fitbit, the Mindful Method plan includes more than 30 audio and video lectures on topics like mindfulness, sleep, stress management, health, and physical and mental connections.

The program is taught by well-known author and health expert Deepak Chopra and plans to start more Chopra courses in the coming months.

At the New Plan press conference, Chopra led the audience through a meditation rehearsal for mindfulness styles.

The new plan aims to differentiate itself by showcasing Chopra concepts and health data from Fitbit watches and premium services.

According to Fitbit, Premium already contains over 100 mindfulness tracks. However, adding new tracks from a popular brand might be different for Fitbit owners who haven't decided yet to pay $ 9.99 a month for the premium.

Mindful's method also relies on Fitbit's strategy of not only capturing and displaying various data sets but also operating them. In his speech, Chopra came to the conclusion that it was a transition from biofeedback to biological regulation.

Fitbit Sense EDA sensor shows an accurate overview of your stress level in the Fitbit stress management point.

Current advanced meditation is a good way to see how this outcome could change in terms of breathing control and alertness. Now the mindfulness method can provide a more complete way to find out why you are feeling stressed and how to deal with it.

Fitbit Premium subscribers can now use their Deepak Chopra for their first 10 Mindful Method workouts.

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