Nyan Cat encrypted artwork costs around $ 600,000
Nyan Cat encrypted artwork costs around $ 600,000

Nyan Cat turned tenth this year. To commemorate this event, an iconic version of the GIF was auctioned.

The artist behind Nyan Cat (Chris Torres), Chris Torres, has reproduced the original animation and sold the animation through an art platform coded by the foundation. The auction lasted about 24 hours.

Nyan Cat is a YouTube video uploaded in April 2011. The video combines a Japanese song with a moving cat flying in space to create a rainbow effect.

In recent years, the art of coding has grown in popularity and there are now several digital markets, including Zora, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway, where collectors can buy and sell digital business.

Last year, digital artist Beeple sold a number of works valued at more than $ 3.5 million, while musician Deadmau5 sold thousands of digital pins, stickers, and other sets in December.

The buyer of this business has the privilege of owning a digital artwork. These works usually come with a license that allows the buyer to display them on social media pages, another digital marketplace, game world, or any other medium for personal use. Virtual museum.

The artist usually retains all intellectual property and creative rights in the work, which in some sense means that the buyer buys only the bragging rights.

Encoder graphics are usually sold by non-exchangeable tokens, or NFT. These are the unique digital tokens that reside on the blockchain and verify ownership of graphics.

Digital artworks can be resold, and in some cases (such as the Coding Art platform The Foundation), artists continue to make a portion of future sales.

This means that, as with many other things related to the blockchain, there are investment and speculative elements when purchasing crypto artwork and you may be able to resell your business for a profit in the future.

According to Torres, developers like him can directly benefit from business that is distributed for free online.

He added: It gives power to the creator because the creator of the content first owns it and then he can sell it and make direct income and be recognized for his work.

Torres has also created a Nyan Cat mandate company so that characters can appear in the game or mutate in the game.

To recreate Nyan Cat (who turns 10 on April 2), Torres restores and enlarges the original animation, fixing the subtle flaws that have plagued him for years.

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