PowerShot PICK robotic camera with artificial intelligence
PowerShot PICK robotic camera with artificial intelligence

Canon is tackling the future full of artificial intelligence with a strange new automatic camera called the PowerShot PICK. The camera is the size of a juice box, which makes it portable, but not in a bag.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be found directly or indirectly in almost all consumer electronics products today.

The camera manufacturer, Canon, appears to be leveraging this AI ability to promote the idea of ​​PowerShot PICK, a small robotic camera capable of capturing a target and taking photos if needed to get the shot. Picture perfect.

This little device can rotate and keep its target visible, take commands, or take pictures of itself. Canon is taking a step forward in eliminating photographers with the PowerShot PICK automatic camera.

While the camera is not moving from place to place, it can rotate the subject and lens around two axes to track the subject.

The new Canon camera is somewhat similar to a smart security camera or Facebook portal device, but it needs to be captured everywhere and attached to a selfie key.

The camera company appears to be covering its bets by offering PowerShot PICK rather than retail products, but by Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake to surpass its $ 10,000 target.

The promotional video from the event shows the function of using PICK in a variety of situations: face recognition, photo shoot at parties, bike chase in the yard, drive, and chase someone in the kitchen.

The camera has a small sensor size of 1 / 2.3 and a resolution of 12 megapixels. However, an F / 2.8 zoom lens and image stabilization feature can help with lighting. Varying at 4x magnification.

The photos are saved directly into the microSD card slot but can be quickly shared via social media platforms using mobile apps.

The experimental camera can analyze the scene, recognize people, track their faces, and then use artificial intelligence to determine the ideal time to take a photo. PowerShot PICK combines Canon's optical technology, video processing and artificial intelligence.

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