2021 GOKOO Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
2021 GOKOO Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

GOKOO Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Sport Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof for Men and Women, Smart Bluetooth Watches Compatible with iPhone Andriod

24-hour health monitoring

The smartwatch fitness tracker uses an optical heart rate sensor to track your heart rate throughout the day and record your health status in real time. You can view and analyze changes in heart rate and blood oxygen throughout the day in the app to fully understand health indicators and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Auto sleep tracking

Smart watches for men automatically track your night's sleep, help you understand sleep depth, understand sleep quality and change your habits. This function requires communication to ensure traceability.

Notification reminder

After connecting the fitness tracker to the app, you can receive notifications and messages on your phone so that you never miss anything important. All you have to do is raise your hand to read the message. There is no job to answer and answer the phone.

Brightness adjustable

Activity tracker solves outdoor sports problem. It can adjust the brightness of different steps with a total of 6 levels which can be adapted to the current environment. The smart watch can also adjust the screen according to the time of day to solve the problem of traditional time screen of the day.

weather forecast

You can check weather conditions on the smart watch for 3 days, including temperature and weather conditions. It contains key information essential to your fitness process and enables you to plan ahead.

2021 GOKOO Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
2021 GOKOO Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

  •  Excellent Smart Watch for Men: A smart watch with HD color touch screen provides you with a more comfortable HD visual experience through a dedicated watch face so that your photos can be edited. By adjusting the screen brightness and choosing the duration, you will get a comfortable and efficient experience. IP68 waterproof, you don't need to worry about daily use. Men's smart watches are essential for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father's Day and Valentine's Day.
  • Multifunctional sport mode: fitness smart watch, 10 sports modes: walking, running, cycling, yoga, swimming, etc. Use this watch to track your accurate workout status and connect to the phone's Global Positioning System (GPS). The exercise track can be displayed on the phone picture, and the most accurate fitness target and distance can be monitored so you can understand the workout position and improve it accordingly. The activity tracker is very suitable for men and women who love fitness. You can also use a stopwatch to better monitor your workout time.
  • All Day Health Tracker: Wear it all day for an in-app sleep analysis report that fully understands your sleep and sleep quality. By enabling the all-weather monitoring feature in the app, you can better understand your health. You can call up the heart rate and oxygen content in the blood directly on your SmartWatch and find out the health value in real time. These can help you with monitoring. Please pay attention to your health and take timely measures to preserve your health. This data is for information only and is not used for medical purposes.
  • Active reminder function: The men's smart watches support call and message reminder functions, so that you can get notifications on time without missing important messages (SMS / Skype / Facebook / Twitter / Line / WhatsApp). The sports watch has smart reminder functions such as stability reminder, drinks reminder, alarm, news reading convenience and smart life on the smart fitness watch. It only supports receiving messages and incoming calls without answering or answering calls.
  • Other Features and Compatibility: Enjoy the following features: weather forecast, camera remote control, music control, wrist control for screen lighting, find equipment, etc. It is also a necessary requirement for gift-giving.

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