AOBIO Label Printer Label Printer for Shipping Packages
AOBIO Label Printer Label Printer for Shipping Packages

AOBIO 4 '' x 6 '' Shipping Label Printer Can Be Used - Shipping Label Printer Compatible for Windows and Mac - With Several Partitions - Innovative Thermal Label Printer

Special button to open the cover

What a unique design! This smart and compact kids' thermal label printer features two dedicated buttons on both sides making it easy to press and open the printer cover.

No ink, no toner, save a lot every year

With the most advanced thermal printing technology, Aobio only needs direct thermal labels that you can buy anywhere. You can say goodbye to any ink, ink, or tape. How much can you save on printing costs?

Smart printing, never get lost in stickers

Smart and easy-to-use label recognition technology, even printing with the sticker! Do I need to print ID and logo labels, shipping labels, and barcodes? See how Aobio handles that!

Fast print speed and quality

ROHM Japanese print head, the maximum print speed is 180mm / s; High print quality, up to 203 dpi, meets UPS printing standards.

Continuous, stable and lasting pressure for 12 hours

If the printer is unstable and the printing is unstable, this is not good. Aobio can run continuously for more than 12 hours or print more than 50,000 labels.

Prevent overheating and foreign bodies from entering the ban

The new industrial heat dissipation setting prevents overheating of the printer and prevents foreign objects from entering the printer. Non-slip function.

 How does the thermal label printer work?

Thermal Label Printer is your best friend for managing shipping labels and thermal label printing. It's not as big as a regular A4 printer. It can be used with various thermal stickers. You do not need to cut the box or envelope. This is the overall result of modern thermal printing technology.

Thermal label printers only need direct thermal labels, no ink or ink. The thermal label printer is controlled by the motherboard and the print head uses accurate calculations to generate heat that causes thermal chemical reactions and prints on paper.

 Find smart beacons and auto identification

1. If the label is attached to the back of the printer, Aobio label printer will pick up the sticker automatically.

2. The sticker moves back and forth automatically and stops after being recognized. No poster wasted.

3. Press and hold the top paper feed button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. Then let go. The sticker moves back and forth and stops at the bottom. Right site. Then you can start printing.

AOBIO Label Printer Label Printer for Shipping Packages
AOBIO Label Printer Label Printer for Shipping Packages

  •  [Wide Compatibility]: Compatible with Mac OS (10.9 and above) and Windows (XP and above). It is widely used to send packages on many major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Esty, PayPal, etc. . Note ②: For Mac Book users with Type-C ports only, additional Type-C printer cables are required to ensure a stable data transfer.
  • [Amazing Performance]: AOBIO label printer can print 180mm / sec at high print speed of 203dpi. Aobio X4 Ugrade thermal printer can work continuously for more than 12 hours. It is suitable for various types of direct thermal labels, adjustable label size, and supports printing of labels of different sizes.
  • [Innovative design]: Unlike traditional large capacity printers, Aobio X4 Ugrade can definitely save space. No ink or ink needed. We showed the uniqueness of this poster maker with a much smaller size. It saves a lot of space in your office and makes everything cleaner.
  • [Lifetime Technical Support]: With our own development, we support free lifetime technical support for thermal label printers, promptly updated driver versions, easy-to-understand tutorials and installation instructions for your quick reference. We strive to provide you with all amenities.

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