APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam Car Camera with IR Night Vision
APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam Car Camera with IR Night Vision

APEMAN dual driving recorder, 2K front and 1080P indoor, car camera with infrared night vision function, support 128GB, 2.31 inch LCD screen, G sensor, repeat recording, parking monitor, GPS optional for taxi drivers

 Just plug in the power and you'll know you are protected. good luck!

    The internal battery is of low capacity and can only be used as an emergency power source. When in use, connect the switch camera to the supplied car charger.
    Before use, insert 32GB-128GB Class 10 Micro SD Card (not included) and its formats
    Remember to format your SD card regularly. If used for a long time, many files may be locked and recording will stop. Formatting the SD card will erase all previous videos.
    GPS optional (not included), the camera can work normally even without GPS.

Sony advanced sensors

The powerful 2560 x 1440 pixel lens on the front, 4 infrared lights inside and an advanced Sony IMX335 sensor can capture highly detailed license plates even in the darkest night, even in extremely low light.

Tone recording and crash lock

The built-in G-sensor detects it in the event of an accident, turns off automatically and saves the video for later use as evidence with your insurance company to avoid conflict and allow you to travel without worry.

Ultra wide angle

The 170 ° wide angle lens (front) can go into blind spots, cover 3 lanes, and fully record other driving details. 140 degrees (inside) that can capture every corner of your car. If you are a commercial driver or Uber taxi driver this gives you protection. It can also record great memories with the passengers while they are driving.

Interval recording

The recording interval can be recorded over a longer period of time, the same quality resolution takes less storage space and thus greatly increases the storage capacity of the memory card.

GPS is optional

Optional GPS records other useful data such as speed and location during your trip. You can check speed and location by connecting the SD card to your computer. GPS not included, but sold separately on Amazon.

Car parking monitor, easy installation

Parking umbrellas are a convenient way to prevent theft. Installation is very simple and the tachograph can quickly move between two different vehicles.

APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam Car Camera with IR Night Vision
APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam Car Camera with IR Night Vision

  •     Two cameras in one! - The C880 Dual Dash Camera is equipped with a front camera of 2560x1440P and a rear camera with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels through which it is possible to monitor the entire trip inside and outside the car. It is the perfect solution for all driving conditions including car use, trucking, car trips or your daily commute.
  •     Sony IMX335 sensor and infrared night vision - The Sony IMX335 sensor with F1.8 aperture is designed for extremely low light sensitivity. Can produce exceptionally clear videos and videos with extremely low noise even in the darkest environments.
  •     Continuous recording and repeat recording with emergency lock will automatically overwrite the oldest video after it is fully saved. The built-in sensor automatically locks and records a video of the accident when the vehicle collides. It can be used as evidence of the accident, to record what happened to protect your legal rights.
  •     Full and optional GPS parking screen, interval recording function, HDR, etc. eliminate blind spots during recording and provide a wide field of view for driving. The 140-degree interior distinguishes every corner of the car. GPS records your speed, location and route (not included).
  •     Easy to install and use DIY Spudger Pry. The car charger cable length is suitable for all vehicles. APEMAN strives to provide you with 24/7 online customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. thank you for your help.

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