D-Link PoE DAP-2695 Dual Band Access Point AC1750
D-Link PoE DAP-2695 Dual Band Access Point AC1750

D-Link AC1750 AirPremier PoE Simultaneous Dual Band 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Wireless Internet Connection WiFi-AC-AP (DAP-2695)

The high-speed dual-band Gigabit PoE DAP-2695 AC1750 Access Point uses the latest 802 11AC standard to provide reliable, high-speed wireless performance. The maximum wireless signal rate in the 4 GHz frequency bands is 450 Mbps, the maximum wireless signal rate above 5 GHz is 1300 Mbps, metal frames with full power ratings and strict fire systems can be placed in the ventilation duct of advanced installations. The high-speed access point integrates 802 3af PoE support, and the DAP-2695 supports advanced radio management functions such as broadcast bandwidth to detect 5GHz clients and move them from a 24GHz network to a less congested 5GHz network. They are distributed evenly among the customers so that each customer can send at the highest speed regardless of location or standard. 802 11i supports the personal and enterprise WPA and WPA2 (802 11i) versions of the DAP-2695, including the Mac address radius used for. Wi-Fi filtering, SSID temporarily disables malicious access point detection and wireless transmission scheduling of the key to protect wireless networks. DAP-2695 also supports up to eight VLANs per frequency band in order to have multiple SSIDs. Network administrators can use several options to manage a DAP-2695 access point, including Web (http) SSL SSL and Telnet. Advanced network management administrators can use D-Link Wi-Fi Manager centralized control software to configure and manage multiple access points from one location. As for the central Wi-Fi manager, it can flexibly expand and expand anytime anywhere on the internet with a web browser. In addition to simplified management processes, central Wi-Fi management software also provides corporate-wide functionality, including limited gateways to optimize bandwidth and connectivity to optimize radio frequency to extend service life. Lifespan of DAP-2695 to improve its performance, product quality and long-term customer confidence

High-speed wireless performance

DAP-2695 uses the latest 802.11ac standard to provide reliable, high-speed wireless performance. The maximum wireless signal rate is 450Mbps in the 2.4GHz frequency band and 1300Mbps in the 5GHz frequency band. Combined with QoS support for multiple Wi-Fi media, this is an ideal access point for audio, video and audio applications.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

For extended installations, DAP-2695 802.3at supports Power over Ethernet (PoE +) so that the device can be installed in areas where power outlets are not available.

Quality of Service (QoS)

With this option enabled, QoS allows the DAP-2695 to automatically prioritize network traffic based on the level of the interactive flow (eg Voice over IP (VoIP)). DAP-2695 Web GUI can use dropdown menu options to define custom priority rules for defining QoS functions. In addition, the DAP-2695 supports load balancing for optimum performance by specifying the maximum number of users per access point.

Limited lifetime warranty

D-Link offers a limited lifetime warranty on the DAP-2695 access point to reinforce its commitment to product quality and long-term customer confidence.

D-Link PoE DAP-2695 Dual Band Access Point AC1750
D-Link PoE DAP-2695 Dual Band Access Point AC1750

  •  High performance dual-band 802 11AC concurrent wireless access point
  • Maximum 1300 Mbit / s at 5 GHz / Maximum 450 Mbit / s at 2 GHz band
  • Advanced features include frequency band control for QoS load balancing and broadcast timing
  • Trusted security features help keep a secure wireless network
  • Support for 802 3at PoE simplifies the installation process
  • Robust all-metal housing with removable multi-directional external antenna
  • Standalone management software or centralized management control via D-Link Free Wi-Fi Manager
  • Those who wander are not always lost

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