DS18 BBX2 FHD Detachable DVR Dash Cam Car
DS18 BBX2 FHD Detachable DVR Dash Cam Car

DS18 BBX2 Detachable Driving Recorder Car DVR Driving Recorder with 2.3 Inch LCD Display 1080 FHD GPS Front and Rear Cameras, Night Vision, G-sensor, Repeat Recording and Wi-Fi / Adas (with 32GB Card)

The EAGLEi black box is designed as the ideal driving tool for monitoring the environment while driving. This unit has front and rear cameras with 1080p HD recording. The front and rear cameras provide full 140-degree video recording. They also have a GPS speed monitor with a GPS module. Playback also includes microphone and recording functions. Bright OSD is calibrated and adjusted, and all OSD icons are simply displayed on the large adjustable LCD screen. Other functions are G Impact Sensor, Parking Screen, Motion Detection and USB Mode.

  •  Recording 140 degrees before and after 1080p provides ultra-clear playback.
  • Motion detection and parking monitor keep you informed of the area.
  • The USB mode allows the camera to record or stream video via USB to meet ever-changing video needs.
  • Bright LCD is adjustable so you can see all icons clearly.
  • The GPS unit in the device's chip can precisely monitor your speed in the OSD menu.
  • In Photo mode, you can take screenshots of your surroundings anytime, anywhere.

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