EnGenius EWS850AP Wireless WiFi 6 2x2 Access Point
EnGenius EWS850AP Wireless WiFi 6 2x2 Access Point

EnGenius Outdoor Wireless WiFi 6 2x2 EWS850AP Managed Access Point with OFDMA, MU-MIMO, PoE + Injector, WPA3, 2.5Gb / s connectivity, IP67 protection, Unlicensed Remote Management Tool

Excellent radio performance for the most demanding applications

The latest EnGenius Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) external access point supports current and future hardware and application requirements for small vision businesses.

EnGenius EWS850AP is an external Wi-Fi 6 network, IP67 (IP67 means that the device can be placed in a water body up to a meter deep for half an hour) and can accelerate wireless access to MU - Dual Band MIMO Point AX1800 in operation 5GHz up to 1200Mb / S and up to 574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The Powerful Access Point is specially developed for working in harsh environments. The technical design uses advanced Wi-Fi and beamforming technologies to improve performance and reliability while greatly enhancing the skills of network users.

Multiple gigabit speeds, flexible power options, and excellent performance in harsh outdoor climates

The 2.5Gb Ethernet port on the EWS850AP achieves the fastest Wi-Fi 6 speed and supports PoE + (802.3at) for connection.

The EWS850AP is specially designed to provide the best performance in harsh climates. It has an IP67 rating (IP67 meaning the device can drop in water up to a meter for half an hour) and a dust cover to ensure it can withstand harsh outdoor and indoor conditions. This includes long-lasting sunlight outdoors, extreme cold, sleet, snow, rain, hail, high temperature and humidity, and indoors where the temperature could be a postman

OFDMA (uplink and downlink)

It allows more efficient use of the channel, reduces the delay between the access point and the client device, and provides backward compatibility with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

MU-MIMO uplink and downlink

Supporting up to eight client devices, providing superior network efficiency, focusing radio performance on specific users and ensuring the highest level of signal and reception security.

1024 QAM

Increased productivity by 25% and guaranteed more reliability over short distances.

BSS staining and spatial reuse

BSS color code has "color" to distinguish neighboring service groups. Spatial multiplexing can be transmitted simultaneously on the same channel via BSS staining.

Longest OFDM symbol

It can reduce wait time between data transfers and endure higher levels of noise, enabling greater coverage.

Targeted wake up time (TWT)

Reduce power consumption, plan wake up times and extend the life of mobile devices and IoT devices.

EnGenius EWS850AP Wireless WiFi 6 2x2 Access Point
EnGenius EWS850AP Wireless WiFi 6 2x2 Access Point

  •      [Higher User Capacity] Client computer runs faster and can accommodate up to 1024 clients
  •     [2.5 Gbps PoE port] 802.3at compatible, easy to deploy, up to 328 feet from source
  •     [1024 QAM] Increases throughput by 25% and delivers greater reliability
  •     [OFDMA transmit / downlink] channels can be used more efficiently
  •     [Protection Class: IP67] The dustproof housing withstands all harsh environments
  •     [Signal Reliability] Beamforming improves the antenna signal and reception of client devices
  •     [Remote Management] Locally managed devices via SkyKey or EzMaster (no lifetime license fee)
  •     [TAA Compliant] We source products only from the United States and other approved countries and adhere to the strictest standards of ethics, finance, and safety established by the GSA

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