IOWODO R3Pro Activity Tracker Android Smartwatch
IOWODO R3Pro Activity Tracker Android Smartwatch

IOWODO R3Pro Activity Tracker Smartwatch Android Women Smart Watch Health Watch Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor Convenient Watch 5ATM Fitness Tracker Waterproof Smartwatch (iPhone Rose Pearl)

Heart rate monitor

The IOWODO fitness watch registers automatically and adopts a 24 x 7 heart rate profile so you can achieve a targeted workout goal and maintain an optimal heart rate. Improve the effectiveness of each exercise.

Foot tracker with 12 sports modes

Smart watches are more than just a step counter. This running watch automatically records your daily activities and sports data. Use the free "Glory Fit" mobile app to sync and analyze your training data. Motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

A sedentary and relaxing lifestyle guide

A constant challenge without rest or relaxation? IOWODO Fit features a constant reminder function and airway relaxation instructions. It can help you relieve stress, relax your mind and body, and refresh your mind.

Smart smart watch notification

The notification is instantly sent to the smartwatch on the wrist. Simply raise your wrist to decline a call or view some texts. You don't have to check your phone every now and then. Make yourself more organized and efficient!

Digital clock to track sleep

IOWODO Activity Tracker records and analyzes your daily sleep steps automatically. The gentle vibration alarm on your wrist wakes you up. No more disturbing your wife or husband in the morning. Sleep better, live a better life.

Take control of your music

Tap the activity tracker to play or pause music and change tracks without putting your phone in your pocket. Free your hands while doing sports! Use bluetooth speakers for easier control of music playback.

Stylish personal smartwatch

The IOWODO 1.54 "HD Touch Screen Fitness Watch provides a variety of watch faces to choose from. You can also use your favorite picture as the default contact number. A fully customized smart watch.

5ATM Water Resistant Watch

The IOWODO smart watch is water resistant to 50 meters and can be used daily. There is no need to take off the sports watch for hand washing, rain or swimming.

Very long battery life

After the Iowodo Bluetooth Watch is fully charged for 2.5 hours, it can be used for up to 10 days or 30 to 40 days on standby. Excellent battery performance. Never again suffer from insufficient battery power.

IOWODO R3Pro Activity Tracker Android Smartwatch
IOWODO R3Pro Activity Tracker Android Smartwatch

  •     Smartwatch reminder view ⌚ Download and install the free app "Glory Fit" and pair your Iowodo smartwatch with your phone. You can receive SMS vibration, incoming calls, and SNS notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Gently raise your wrist and check the message on the smartwatch. Stay in touch. Never miss anything important.
  •     👍IOWODO fit watch fitness and activity tracker records activity data such as heart rate, steps, exercise time, calories burned, etc. You can find more animation about sports statistics in the free "Glory Fit" app. IOWODO Health Watch is an iPhone compatible smartwatch. Your own fitness trainer on your wrist. Motivate you to achieve your daily fitness goals.
  •     The AT5ATM IOWODO waterproof fitness watch supports 12 sports modes. The design features water resistance to 5ATM and water resistance to 50 meters. You can wear this fitness tracker in bathtubs, pools, and other places. It is not necessary to delete it often. Wherever you are, IOWODO sports watches can be on the move for you.
  •     👍 24 x 7 Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking IOWODO Bluetooth Watch automatically monitors 7x24 heart rate. Create your own heart rate profile. Track your sleep phase. Spend some shallow, deep, and mindful time evaluating your sleep quality. Get more detailed health information. Smart watches can inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  •     Smart watches for men and women can be fully charged within 2.5 hours. Use it up to 10 days a day. Never again suffer from insufficient battery power.

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