Jaybest Waterproof GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids
Jaybest Waterproof GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids

Jaybest Kids Smart Watches, Waterproof GPS Kids Smart Watch, Bi-directional Watches with HD Touch Screen, Cameras, Alarm Systems, Toys, Toys, Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls from 3 to 12 Years Old

  •     ⌚ New Kids Smartphone: It has many features such as: b (1) Two-way call; (2) SOS call; (3) GPS / LBS tracker; (4) The camera; (5) Registration; (6) Alarm clock. (7) IP68 waterproof; (8) Interesting games (9) High definition color screen like silent mode make it easy to use; Soft bracelet made of TPU85 nano scale material, sweat proof, matte surface treatment, more convenient to wear. Enjoy a better and smarter childhood with the help of children's watches!
  •     BSLBS / GPS Tracker Waterproof Watch: Connect the LBS to your mobile phone to find the baby's position in real time and track all the baby's movements. Better protect children's safety! This smartwatch meets the requirements of the IP68 water standard, which allows children to avoid the hassle of swimming, hand washing, or bathing.
  •     How does OS make SOS calls / calls? You only need to insert a MicroSIM card and you can communicate with your child in real time via the phone watch. If your child has problems, press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. The watch takes turns calling the preset number until someone answers the call. Valuable help for children in emergencies!
  •     📷 Selfie and Alarm Clock: With the help of the built in HD camera, kids can take photos temporarily while playing with friends and record childhood good times! You can also set an alarm to quietly wake children up every day and help them lead healthier lifestyles!

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