NETGEAR Wireless Desktop Access Point (WAX204) - WiFi 6 Dual Band AX1800 AP | 4 1 Gig Ethernet Ports | 802.11ax | WPA3 Security | Up to 3 independent wireless networks

The WAX204 delivers affordable, easy-to-install, high-speed WiFi 6 with no additional infrastructure or deployment costs. It is the most cost-effective WiFi solution for small business, home office, residence, coffee shop, retail, small office, etc. The WAX204 is designed with the latest WiFi technology to provide performance, coverage, security, and your small business, employees, and guests, and keep customers connected.

Work from home

Ideal for home offices at a distance from the main WiFi router. Create a separate secure wireless network for each area in the room.

Temporary meeting point

Hold temporary meetings in conference rooms or hotels where an Ethernet connection is available.

Integrated housing or office

Bring a secure, high-performance WiFi to super close locations.

Control access to wireless devices

The WAX204 supports multiple SSIDs and provides up to 3 independent secure wireless networks to protect and manage access to the device.

Simple installation wizard

NETGEAR Installation Wizard makes installation and configuration easy.

Connect wired devices

Connecting dedicated devices (like printers, computers) to 4 1G Ethernet ports will reduce congestion on your WiFi network.

NETGEAR WAX204 Wireless Desktop Access Point
NETGEAR WAX204 Wireless Desktop Access Point

  •  Private and Secure WIFI: Easily install it in the home office, meeting room, or anywhere you want a dedicated and secure WiFi.
  • WIFI 6 PERFORMANCE: Supports AX1800 speed and dual-band capacity with MU-MIMO technology up to 64 client devices.
  • Wired Ethernet Ports: Connect printers, storage drives, or other wired devices near four 1GB ports for maximum speed.
  • AC POWERED: Use the included power adapter for easy deployment.
  • Ease of management: Use the online setup wizard to install, configure, and manage.
  • Enterprise-level security: Supports WPA, WPA2, and WPA3.

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