NEW TGM-00001 Unlocked 256GB Microsoft Surface Duo
NEW TGM-00001 Unlocked 256GB Microsoft Surface Duo

Two ultra-thin, high-resolution touchscreens open new possibilities for mobile devices. Surface Duo is designed to help you improve your business efficiency with multiple modes, the best Microsoft 365 mobile experience, any Android app from the Google Play Store, and new and improved dual screen apps. You can now view two apps at the same time or extend one of them to two screens, drag and drop between the two screens and make calls. Say goodbye to constant switching between apps.

Device in several ways

With the revolutionary 360 ° hinge, you can easily switch from one thing to another.

Write and take notes

Use the keyboard or Surface Slim Pen * to ink on one screen and make a video call or stream content to the other screen.

a call

The 360 ​​degree hinge is fully open for phone calls. You can also view individual apps on one screen, or take portrait or landscape photos.

Relax and watch

Curl up in a tent to relax and watch your favorite shows.

Put in your pocket

It measures 4.8 mm when opened and less than 1 cm when folded, and is only 250 grams.

Designed to impress people

Two 5.6-inch HD PixelSense touchscreens thinner from 5.6 cm to 8.1 inches can be opened with a revolutionary 360-degree hinge.

Revolutionary 360 ° hinge

The dynamic design can achieve multiple modes and angles in one device.

Surface Duo Shock Absorber

The 360-degree hinge made of silicone and is specially designed for Surface Duo, to provide extra protection for your device.

Microsoft Surface Duo USB-C Power Adapter

Use the multifunctional USB-C Power Adapter to quickly and easily charge Surface Duo.

Curved helmet

It offers ultra-ergonomic design, easy-to-use controls, access to the innovative Microsoft 365 experience * and great sound for music and calls.

NEW TGM-00001 Unlocked 256GB Microsoft Surface Duo
NEW TGM-00001 Unlocked 256GB Microsoft Surface Duo

  • There are two monitors in the focus area. Open and view two apps at the same time or view one of them on two screens.
  • Be flexible to do more. Choose a mode for the task at hand and use a simplified dual screen app to get the job done.
  • Get the best Microsoft 365 mobile experience and all Android apps in the Google Play Store.
  • The original design is created from the ceiling. The sleek, light, and versatile design meets your needs with a revolutionary 360-degree hinge and dual pixel combo screen.
  • Keep it as a book, get more screens when you need it, take notes, make calls, or watch your favorite shows.
  • Operating system: Android 10.0
  • Connector Type: USB Type C.

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