QNAP QMiro-201W WiFi Mesh Tri-Band Home Router
QNAP QMiro-201W WiFi Mesh Tri-Band Home Router

To take advantage of the new standard for remote work, organizations must deploy remote VPNs that can be quickly accessed by multi-site users, as well as high-speed in-house solutions that cover wired and wireless connections. QMiro-201W supports triple-band Wi-Fi 5 and SD-WAN VPN solutions at enterprise level and can be deployed to multi-site VPN via QuWAN Orchestrator. In addition to affordable pricing, the QMiro-201W also forms a solid foundation for building next-generation networks.

  • Connect your home to a high coverage tri-band WiFi
  • One QMiro-201W provides WiFi coverage of 2,100 square feet
  • Recreate the dedicated 5GHz frequency band for high-bandwidth connection between WiFi routers so that it won't interfere with your WiFi network
  • The QuRouter app allows you to easily configure and monitor a mesh network, including connection status, network usage, and number of connected users
  • QuWAN: QNAP Free SD-WAN technology can automatically create a secure VPN across QNAP devices in multiple locations

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