Samsung Flip 2 WM85R 85 Inch 4K UHD Touch Screen
Samsung Flip 2 WM85R 85 Inch 4K UHD Touch Screen

Samsung Flip 2 WM85R 85 inch Business Flipchart 4K UHD 3840x2160 (LH85WMRWBGCXZA) with Touch Screen, WiFi, HDMI, USB and 3-year warranty

 Draw, write and inspire new ideas

Samsung's interactive writing tool provides a seamless writing experience between pen and paper. The tool forms naturally with your hand, and it uses a variety of colors, patterns, widths, and patterns to work with the pen. Press your finger or move your palm to erase old ideas or open new ideas.

Multitouch collaboration simultaneously

The cooperation is endless. With Samsung's interactive display, up to 20 touch screens can be written or edited simultaneously for simultaneous collaboration and successful teamwork.

USB, HDMI, DP, NFC, and OPS connections

Use the various connection options on the interactive Samsung screen to perform additional operations. USB, HDMI, DP, NFC, OPS, and screen sharing capabilities enable optimal collaboration and provide interactive visibility, blogging and content sharing from different devices.

Open the OPS slot.

Samsung's interactive display provides space for an optional on-board computer for more powerful computing power and a better interactive experience.

Intuitive user interface

The intuitive user interface is suitable for almost all age groups and provides easy-to-use navigation and touch screen functions. A simplified navigation menu and quick search tools make it easy to preview content and instantly switch screen.

Easy to comment on

With Samsung's interactive display, you can easily annotate any document and then save, share, and implement new ideas while working together in the same room.

Network access

Touch your finger to browse the web. With the built-in web browser, you can search the web quickly and easily. All you have to do is use a browser to access a website through the Samsung interactive screen so you can start collaborating right away.

Free creativity

Each idea should have a unique technology. Samsung Interactive Display allows you to get creative with a variety of brushes and color options (such as watercolor, oil painting, etc.). With a full, vibrant palette and a variety of brushes to choose from, any subject matter will sparkle.

picture Editing

You can select, move, crop, capture, and edit images quickly and easily. With one click of a button, you can merge any image into the notepad to make it easy to edit or scan the image.

Intuitive document viewer

Use the built-in document viewer to directly open Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe PDF files for easy access regardless of content source for better classroom sharing.

Seamless learning anytime, anywhere

Samsung interactive displays can work seamlessly with MimioConnect to improve teaching. MimioConnect combines innovative curricula and teaching materials to create an active learning environment. Educators and students can connect from anywhere, making it an ideal solution for distance, mirror, or mixed learning environments. Classes can also be given to a group of students or designed for individual self-study.

4K UHD lessons are clear and fun

The Samsung 3840 x 2160 4K interactive 4K UHD display is four times that of Full HD. It offers superb clarity and visual effects, ensuring every presentation, every photo of you, and every video is displayed clearly and precisely.

Samsung Flip 2 WM85R 85 Inch 4K UHD Touch Screen
Samsung Flip 2 WM85R 85 Inch 4K UHD Touch Screen

  •  85 '' interactive 4K UHD display and built-in speakers
  • Use a stylish, familiar passive pen to draw, write, and inspire new ideas
  • Easily share content via NFC, screen mirroring, or HDMI
  • With the multi-touch screen, up to four people can write at the same time

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