SAMSUNG LF27T700QQNXZA 27-Inch T70 WQHD Monitor
SAMSUNG LF27T700QQNXZA 27-Inch T70 WQHD Monitor

The Samsung T70 27 inch screen is full of brilliance and subtle detail. Superb craftsmanship makes this stylish WQHD IPS display unique.

Develop your digital signage

No matter where you sit, there are plenty of artistic colors to try. With the IPS control panel, colors in the wide area of ​​the Ultra Wide screen remain vivid and vibrant. Even around the edges, the tones and shades are extremely subtle from nearly every angle without erasing the color.

Accept all details

Your world becomes more alive. The pixel density of WQHD is 1.7 times that of Full HD, which means that ultra-clear picture display can be achieved. The screen is better designed according to your needs. Whether you are editing a document or watching the latest movie, you can see all the details.

The display simplifies your style endlessly

Clean, complete and sophisticated design. Exquisite craftsmanship makes this stylish 27-inch flat screen unique with a streamlined screen on 3 sides without borders. In a two-screen configuration, the screens can be arranged seamlessly to enjoy stunning WQHD content without being distracted.

Adjust your comfort

Find the best location for your screen. Rotate from portrait to landscape. Adjust until you reach your waist. Tilt and rotate until the width is just right. Stylish looks, VESA compliant, easy to install, and can be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

Smooth and transparent visual effects

Now all sports look perfect. The 75Hz refresh rate guarantees smoother images. Everything you see and play is seamless, so you won't miss any exciting scenes.

Act at the same time

A great entertainment experience. AMD Radeon FreeSync technology keeps the display refresh rate in sync with the graphics card, minimizing tearing. Movies and games are responsive and fluid.

Great eye care

Protect your eyes and do more. The advanced eye comfort technology can reduce eye fatigue and make the advanced computing power more convenient. Flicker-free technology eliminates screen fatigue and annoying flicker, while Eye Saver Mode reduces emitted blue light. Watch your eyes for a longer period.

SAMSUNG LF27T700QQNXZA 27-Inch T70 WQHD Monitor
SAMSUNG LF27T700QQNXZA 27-Inch T70 WQHD Monitor

  •  IPS Panel: In the wide area of ​​the Ultra Wide screen, color remains vivid and vibrant
  • Ad with less than 3 pages: The Simplified ad can simplify your style
  • WQHD Resolution: Experience Full HD pixel density of 1.7 times the pixel density for a larger screen and super clear picture
  • VESA Compliant: The display is elegant, VESA compliant, easy to install, and can be integrated seamlessly into any environment
  • 75Hz refresh rate: make the pictures smoother so you don't miss any exciting scenes
  • AMD RADEON FREESYNC: Keep monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync

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