SANAG E19 Smart Watch with Speaker and Microphone
SANAG E19 Smart Watch with Speaker and Microphone

SANAG E19 Womens Smart Watch for Men with Speaker Microphone Music Tracker Fitness Tracker HR Blood Pressure Monitor IP67 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Pedometer Android iOS Smartwatch

 New innovations in appearance and function

SANAG smart watch design concept. Built-in HD glass screen with stainless steel housing. The combination of microphone and loudspeaker functions is more advanced and generally provides a more design feel and wider view.

 You can make and receive calls without a SIM card

You can use the smart watch to take calls. The prerequisite is to connect the watch to the app and the phone's bluetooth. Then when you receive an incoming call, you can either answer or reject the call. You can raise your wrist to talk while you are exercising. The built-in speaker and microphone can communicate like personal calls.

 Heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood pressure monitor

Real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure by green LED sensor light, rapid measurement, if the screen is too high, you will be reminded quickly. Big data scientifically measured allows you to see changes in the daily heart rate curve and assess your health status (This data is for reference only and cannot represent medical data.

 Multiple exercise modes, more efficient training

Smart watches offer different methods of everyday movement. For example: walking, running, swimming, cycling, skipping rope, football, basketball, and badminton. You can accompany each other to enjoy the sporting moments. Real-time recording of training data to assess training impact. Create your own sports field.

IP67 waterproof

IP67 international waterproof rating, so you are not afraid of different environments, deep waterproof, you can wear the smart watch to wash your hands, baptism, rain, easily adapt to different environments.

Large 1.28 inch screen

The large HD screen makes the field of view more natural and the touch is smoother. Carry a neat CD that is changed several times a day. Decorate various everyday scenes. Creating a very satisfying experience.

SANAG E19 Smart Watch with Speaker and Microphone
SANAG E19 Smart Watch with Speaker and Microphone

  •     [Smartwatches for Samsung IPhone and Android Phone are compatible with most smartphones with versions above iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4. The most fashionable smart bluetooth watch, main functions: bluetooth call, sleep tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, music control, step count, smart alarm, scene mode, stable reminder.
  •     [Bluetooth audio and information router The Sanag Smart Call Clock has built-in speaker and microphone. After connecting the watch to the bluetooth and the mobile app, you can make calls directly to the watch. Never miss a call. You can also get SMS and SNS information including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc., and static emails and reminders. 1.28 '' FHD touch screen makes reading easier.
  •     [Precision Fitness Tracker] This smart fitness tracker smart watch has seven exercise modes including walking, running, cycling and basketball. You can choose to track your workout accordingly. Plus, the smartwatch can automatically track your steps and burn calories, and every shot will get you excited to exercise.
  •     (24/7 Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Tracker This smartwatch is equipped with an advanced heart rate sensor that can monitor heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen in real time. Let you understand all kinds of health data. It can monitor your sleep and record correct data. It can also track your time during light or deep sleep to help you adjust your sleep patterns.
  •     【IP67 waterproof and durable smart watches with I67 waterproof quality. You can wear a smart watch for bathing, swimming and various underwater activities. You don't need to worry about damage to the watch. The large capacity battery can guarantee you 7 days of use.

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