SZBXD HD Touch Screen Games Kids Smart Watch
SZBXD HD Touch Screen Games Kids Smart Watch

SZBXD Girls Smart Watch Boys Boys Smart Education Watch Kids HD Touch Clock Game Watch Electronic Educational Toys For Children 3-14 Year Students Birthday Gifts

 Multifunctional Toys for Kids, Sumter Watches for Boys and Girls, E-Learning Toys, Birthday Gifts for 3-14 Year Old Children

This is a multi-functional electronic watch that is suitable for children, just like a full-function mini phone. If you do not want to provide your child with a mobile phone, this baby play smart watch is a great choice!

Supports two-way communication and SOS with one button

- The application is not required to be downloaded. All you have to do is insert a compatible micro SIM card for the 2G network. Note: We recommend Speedtalk in the United States.

- Parameters: 10 contacts and 3 emergency SOS contacts can be specified.

Benefits: If you break regional restrictions, you can always contact your child to improve the close relationship between the two parties.

Play anytime, anywhere

- What is the game: 2048 major basketball game, stones to play pinball, items to catch the car, gold, fight bees, and extreme games.

- Settings: Parents can use parental controls mode to set game time. Prevent children from participating in games.

Advantages: Try this educational game around the clock, it can effectively exercise reflexes and think, develop creative thinking.

Enjoy the music

- Built-in 1GB SD Music Card. Built-in microphone makes kids' dreams come true at the concert.

- Settings: If kids want to listen to more music, they can download it from computer (Save MP3 to micro SD Card: \\ My Music Folder).

- Advantages: Children can be influenced by music from a young age and develop unlimited musical talents!

Built-in camera for taking photos and videos

- The electronic watch can take pictures, record videos, and play them. 30W Super Clear Camera.

- Settings: One button to start recording and recording. easy to use.

Pros: Babies can record happy moments in life using this smartwatch and add more fond memories to their childhood life!

SZBXD HD Touch Screen Games Kids Smart Watch
SZBXD HD Touch Screen Games Kids Smart Watch

  •  No GPS / LBS tracker
  • 🎁 Multifunctional Kids Smart Watch: The children's smartphone is equipped with everything you need for a smartwatch. For example, two-way calls, games, music, SOS, camera, video player, classroom mode, microphone, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, wallpaper, stopwatch, etc. Features. It won't affect the baby, but it can help.
  • Interesting electronic educational toys: This children's smartphone has 7 built-in educational games, and your child can play games through the touch screen. With this smart watch game for kids, children can effectively exercise their reflexes, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and develop creative thinking. Most importantly, parents can use Parental Controls mode to set game time without worrying that your kids will play too many games.
  • With a children's smart watch with a camera (30W pixel): Watch a children's mobile phone has a built-in camera that can be used to record videos, selfies and photos. Boys and girls can take clearer and more beautiful photos or videos with their friends to capture their happy everyday life. You can also download it to your computer to save it with the included USB cable.
  • With kids smart watch with music player: built-in 1GB SD Music Card. Children can record their favorite music, listen to it anytime, anywhere, and enjoy the music quietly. You can be influenced by music from a young age and develop unlimited musical talents! Plus, babies can watch with the ultra-thin microphones so your little ones can express their voices without reservation.
  • 📞 Easy to use: ✅ No need to download the application. Simply insert a 2G compatible SIM card. If you do not use a SIM card, you can of course perform functions other than calls and timekeeping. It depends on your requirements. The supplied USB cable can be used for charging.

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