TOGUARD CE50G Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD Dash Car Camera
TOGUARD CE50G Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD Dash Car Camera

TOGUARD Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD Driving Recorder with GPS, Driving Recorder with 3 Inch LED Screen, 170 Degree Wide Angle Camera, G-sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Parking Screen, Motion Detection

 TOGUARD Driving Recorder with GPS, CE50G 4K Enhanced Driving Recorder, 3.0 Inch LED Driving Recorder, 170 Degree Wide Angle Driving Recorder, G-sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor.

Since its inception in 2009, TOGUARD has won the trust of millions of families and businesses and is the leading provider of personal and personal security monitoring technologies.

Regardless of whether you need to protect yourself and your car, record movement moments or monitor the vehicle when leaving the vehicle, TOGUARD can help you.

4K Ultra HD drive recorder

TOGUARD 4K Car Camera uses an advanced CMOS image sensor, Full HD resolution and a large screen to show the road conditions in real time, capturing everything on the road clearly and giving you the best visual experience.

Equipped with GPS

This dash cam is equipped with GPS, which can record vehicle speed, location and coordinates automatically in real time when it starts up.

G-sensor (emergency recording)

The G-Sensor with Sensitivity Adjustment function automatically records unexpected driving accidents and shuts off video during collision to avoid overwriting of the video. It protects you from insurance fraud and can scan the police and insurance companies when reports of other drivers conflict.

Record episodes

Autoplay and video can be recorded every 1, 2 or 5 minutes. When the memory card reaches the limit, the new recording will replace the old one automatically. Supports Class 10 micro SD cards up to 32GB (not included).

Screen protector

You can set the screen saver time. The screen will turn off automatically to prevent you from gaining attention while driving

170 ° ultra-wide angle lens

The camera is equipped with a 170 ° ultra-wide angle glass lens to achieve the maximum field of view and easily monitor the 3-way screen.

Compact design and very easy installation

The design size of this 4K camera is 3 inches and will not block your line of sight and make it a safer option while driving. Easy to install and use, without technical requirements. Mount it to the windshield only with a suction cup or 3M label holder (included).

TOGUARD CE50G Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD Dash Car Camera
TOGUARD CE50G Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD Dash Car Camera

  •     [4K Ultra HD IPS Screen 3 Inch] Ultra HD 4k SONY CMOS sensor with 3840 * 2160 video can clearly capture all the details on the road, provide vital video evidence of insurance disputes and make sure you drive safely. If needed, you can read the articles directly on the Switch camera on the large 3 '' screen.
  •     [With instrument GPS module with GPS, tachograph camera can record vehicle speed, location and coordinates. The recording of this detailed information can be played back to display the current vehicle speed and positional movement in real time of the vehicle's location.
  •     [Parking screen and gravity sensor] If the camera detects a collision in the standby state, it will automatically turn on and record a short video. The G-Sensor locks the current video file when it detects a collision, which can be used as important evidence of an accident.
  •     [Recurring recording and automatic fault detection: When the memory card reaches the storage limit, the seamless circular recording replaces the old materials with the new content. G-sensor with variable sensitivity can automatically detect sudden collisions and save relevant snapshots instantly and close them to SOS file. To avoid exchanges and thus protect your video catalog.
  •     [Reminder] It is very convenient to control the dashboard camera manually. Please make sure you are using a high speed micro SD card with maximum support up to 32GB and minimum support of 10.

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