Urozetta UZ-201 Cloud Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device

Urozetta Cloud Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot 30GB US Data 1GB Global Data High Speed ​​Portable WiFi Router 30 Days, No SIM Card, Pocket WiFi Free Roaming, Global, Travel, Home UZ-201 White

Urozetta Cloud is one of the most advanced WiFi hotspots in the world. It combines the functions of portable WiFi hotspot and global mobile data without SIM card.
◆ We offer data packages to support your work, studies and free time at home! Stay safe and stay home!
◆ You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and share the network with your family and friends.

Cloud SIM technology, exclusive use, and flexible management

◆ Cloud SIM technology enables you to enjoy high-speed 4G connection without purchasing a local SIM card when traveling abroad or at work.
◆ Download the UROCOMM app. You can manage data usage and charging in the data center

Urozetta UZ-201 Cloud Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device
Urozetta UZ-201 Cloud Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device

  •  [Activate your data in the UROCOMM app before using it.] Device activation process: Step 1 - Download and install the Urocomm app. Step 2 - Connect the device to your application account. Step 3 - Confirm the data plan when activating the device
  • [30 GB of US data and 1 GB of global data. Every customer who purchases a Urozetta Cloud Portable WiFi Hotspot receives 30 GB of high-speed US data at home and 1 GB of global data (valued at $ 80). After using US 30GB data package, you can purchase other local or international data through UROCOMM app storage and continue to use Urozetta Cloud WiFi mobile devices to meet your needs.
  • [Cloud SIM technology has covered more than 150 countries / regions and there is no SIM card in the world. Virtual SIM technology allows you to enjoy high-speed 4G data without purchasing a local SIM card while traveling or working abroad. Urozetta Cloud WiFi Travel Router can use reliable 4G LTE network (download speed up to 150Mbps / upload speed up to 50Mbps) in more than 150 countries and regions without paying roaming fees.
  • Equipped with touch screen and 5000 mAh battery] The Urozetta Cloud Portable WiFi Hotspot is equipped with a 2.8 inch touch screen. Compared to the previous model, the usability is greatly improved and the visibility and usability of the screen are improved. The built-in 5000mAh battery provides up to 15 hours of battery life. It is light, compact and comfortable for worry-free travel.
  • Share your connection] With the Urozetta Cloud 4G WiFi Router, you can unblock access to your local WiFi network. Up to 10 mobile devices (such as cell phones, iPads, computers, iWatch, etc.) can be connected at the same time. You can share 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with your family and friends and share the same secure network. You can also manage and purchase additional data in our data store quickly and easily. Simply download the Urocomm app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to access it.

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