VIOFO A139 WiFi GPS 3 Channel Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A139 WiFi GPS 3 Channel Car Dash Camera

VIOFO A139 3-Channel Driving Recorder, Front + Indoor + Triple Rear Camera 1440p + 1080p + 1080p, with WiFi, GPS, Anti-glare Powerline Filter, Infrared Night Vision, Super Capacitor, Parking Screen, Support 256GB

 Protect your leadership everywhere

A139 is a premium 3-channel control panel camera that can simultaneously record the road ahead (140 ° FOV), inside the cab (170 °) and the road behind (140 °). Quad HD + Full HD + Full HD resolution can take ultra-clear pictures and provide full protection, suitable for any driving situation including daily driving, joint driving (Uber / Lyft), taxi driving etc. Whatever happens, A139 are all reliable to provide proof Accident Trusted.

3 recording channels

140 ° front camera with Sony 5MP sensor can record road at 2560 * 1440P 30fps, indoor and rear 170 ° camera with Sony Starvis sensor can record interior and back roads at 1980p 30fps. Record a full set of scenes in real time.

6 infrared LED lights for infrared night vision

Regular out-of-range cameras usually use 4 infrared LEDs, while the A139 out-of-range cameras use 6 infrared LEDs, which can clearly record cabin activities even in complete darkness and protect the driver and passengers.

Voice notification

The A139 dash cam uses audio notifications in English to confirm parameter changes (for example, toggle voice recording on / off) and notify the driver of events (such as memory card failure). If something prevents your registration, you will be notified without affecting your vision.

Circular polarizer

Circular polarizers (CPL) can be used to reduce glare and glare from glass and street surfaces and, in many cases, greatly improve image quality and contrast.

Delete the recording

The built-in microphone can pick up sounds clearly, providing strong clues during police stops and other accidents, so you are perfectly protected. Very suitable for taxi drivers and passengers.

VIOFO A139 WiFi GPS 3 Channel Car Dash Camera
VIOFO A139 WiFi GPS 3 Channel Car Dash Camera

  •     【A139 drive recorder has front camera (140 ° FOV), built-in camera (170 °) and back camera (170 °), which can record videos at the same time at 1440p + 1080p + 1080p 30fps. The built-in super microphone can pick up the sound clearly to provide powerful proof during roadside searches and other police accidents, and give you full protection. Optional external microphone support for your different needs, suitable for families, co-pilots (Uber / Lyft), taxi driving, video bloggers, etc.
  •     [The super night vision and 6 infrared LEDs are different from the 4 infrared lights of other cameras. The front camera A139 has 6 infrared LED elements. Even in complete darkness, the camera can record cabin activities to protect the driver and front passenger. All three cameras use Sony sensors to ensure great photos day and night.
  •     [Audio notification and anti-glare filter. If you are setting up the camera or the camera has an error during recording, it will be pronounced in English to remind you of the status of the camera and to help you complete the setup wizard and diagnose the problem. Don't worry because it will stop recording without telling you. CPL (Circular Polarizer) can be used to reduce glare and glare from glass and road surfaces, and in many cases, greatly improve image quality and contrast.
  •     Built-in Wi-Fi WIFI and GPS connectivity as well as Viofo mobile app provides access to real-time setup and display options with 3 camera channels, playback recorded videos, upload / share videos. With the GPS recorder, the driving recorder can record the current speed and GPS position and include the timestamp in the video. Real time speed is displayed on vehicle camera screen in KM / H or MP / H.264.
  •     [3 Parking Solutions] The A139 offers 3 parking solutions for your different needs. Once an event is detected, automatic event detection starts automatically. With time-lapse photography, videos are continuously recorded at 1/2/3/5/10/15 frames per second.

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