Virmee VT3 2021 Ver Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
Virmee VT3 2021 Ver Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Virmee Smart Watch, 2021 Fitness Ver with Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen, Sleep Pedometer, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer, Smart Watch Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Android Phones, Men and Women, Elderly People

  •  Daytime Heart Rate Monitor - 24 hour real-time heart rate monitoring. If your heart rate is abnormal during exercise, the VT3 smartwatch will vibrate to remind you. Screening for atrial fibrillation may be done after a heart health procedure. [For reference only] Manually measure the oxygen in the blood to check your physical condition.
  • Automatic sleep monitoring - The VT3 Bluetooth smart watch can automatically monitor your sleep at night. After you wake up, you can view the sleep value and the percentage of sleep steps (light, deep, awake, REM) as well as sleep recommendations in the VIRMEE app. [Note: REM reflects the state of brain activity during sleep]
  • 18 sports modes with 18 sports modes such as running, swimming in the pool, open water, brisk walking, climbing, cycling, etc. Help with calculating swimming courses, SWOLF, etc. [IP68 Water Resistant] 1.3 inch TFT LCD touch screen allows easy review of steps, calories and distances. If the smart watch is connected to the VIRMEE app, the GPS tracking of the smartphone can be used.
  • Custom wallpaper and notifications - Support uploading the profile picture to customize the wallpaper of the watch screen like babies, pets, selfies, idols. After you've paired your smartwatch with your smartphone, turn on Call answering, messages, and app notifications. The VIRMEE VT3 fitness tracker features a music control function and can be used as an alarm compass, stop watch and timer.
  • Compatibility: iPhone smart watches are compatible with iOS (over 10.0) and Android phones (over 5.0). VIRMEE allows you to connect to Apple Health and Google Fit apps. The VT3 fitness watch is equipped with a magnetic USB charging cable. Charge for 2 hours and use for 7 days. The strap length is 8.98 inches.

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