ZyXEL NWA5123-AC WiFi Access Point Dual Band
ZyXEL NWA5123-AC WiFi Access Point Dual Band

Find out that PA can change as you get older. The NWA5123-AC 2x2 802.11ac Unified Access Point is the ideal choice for business, hospitality, and education environments. It delivers enterprise speed, ease of deployment, and powerful features such as dynamic guest identification, intelligent client routing, load balancing, and network support. With a 2-in-1 standalone / hosted AP design, you can use it as a standalone hotspot and then turn it into a console management hotspot when the demand for Wi-Fi grows.

Regardless of whether you have dozens of access points or just a few, setup is easy with the central management of the NXC radio control unit or USG and UAG doors. No matter your size, everyone benefits from the ultra-fast gigabit performance that provides a smooth and stable WiFi experience 24 hours a day. All this is a stylish design with suspended ceilings and all the features that can be perfectly integrated into any modern work area and hotel decor.

It's easy to expand a WLAN

As the demand for WiFi increases, NWA5123-AC could grow at the same time. NWA5123-AC can be configured as a fully functional standalone AP device. However, if you want to extend the network, you can add other NWA5123-AC models to the WLAN console to create robust console-based management with a centralized WLAN management solution. Also, AP configuration can be done automatically over LAN and WAN connections, which means your IT team will need a lot of time.

Simplify the publishing process

NWA5123-AC contains APFlex function that can simplify the configuration of the managed / autonomous AP mode and automatically integrate it into the network environment, so no preparation is required. Combined with the easy-to-use Zyxel One Network (ZON) tool, the network setup process becomes quick and easy.

Extended AP function

NWA5123-AC supports advanced features to achieve best performance and provide excellent wireless performance to end users. These functions include radio frequency optimization, dynamic frequency optimization, channel selection, load balancing and intelligent client routing. In addition, interference is avoided and clients are automatically assigned and dispatched to less crowded areas.

Improving radio frequency reception and extending coverage.

NWA5123-AC has an upgraded antenna module and an advanced inverter mode that provides better radio frequency reception, better coverage and fewer stops. They all use the latest 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac technology with the same excellent wireless performance and output power.

AP protection for your network

NWA5123-AC has a wealth of features to ensure your corporate network is always on top. Thanks to the robust RF design of NWA5123-AC, WAP2 Enterprise provides secure and reliable WLAN security, Layer 2 isolation, and multiple SSID pairs.

Long lasting performance

NWA5123-AC can use semiconductor capacitors and advanced heat dissipation functions for a long time. This ensures that NWA5123-AC will provide long-lasting performance, years of service and can meet your expectations as a consumer in the toughest and most demanding environments.

ZyXEL NWA5123-AC WiFi Access Point Dual Band
ZyXEL NWA5123-AC WiFi Access Point Dual Band

  •  Unified Business Access Point with 2x2 dual-band 11AC for gigabit wireless performance
  • Can be used as standalone access point or paired with NFC controller or USG / UAG gateway including integrated controller. Standards-based PoE TO can be used with any 802.3af, adapter or injector
  • Free software for configuring and updating firmware on multiple access points without a console. You also get free website planning tools
  • Strong and sturdy. Made of solid capacitors to prevent heat build-up and extend service life. Guaranteed lifetime support by phone and email
  • The high-quality RF design includes advanced RF shielding to improve radio performance

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