Sennheiser wants to sell its consumer audio business
Sennheiser wants to sell its consumer audio business

Sennheiser said Tuesday that it is looking for new partners to purchase its consumer audio business, which includes headphones and amplifiers.

The company has focused entirely on the professional audio field, including Neumann's microphone division and what Sennheiser calls the company's communications.

Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser (Sennheiser), said in a press release that the company hopes to improve its visibility in the highly competitive headphones and speaker market.

The company believes its products can be popular under strong competitive pressure, but it needs investors to do so.

In the press release: In order to better exploit the potential of these markets, we will focus our resources on the three business areas of the professional sector and look for strong partners to invest in our potential consumer business.

The Handelsblatt recently published an interview with Daniel Sennheiser and Co-CEO (Andreas Sennheiser) Andreas Sennheiser.

In the interview, the brothers cited several possible reasons why Sennheiser might want to sell its mainstream business due to the delay in the company's entry into the wireless headphones market, which has become a popular segment of devices. My voice.

If Sennheiser appears to have hit record sales in 2019 (393 million euros, 52% of its 2019 sales), it closed slightly negative after tax and interest.

Headphone sales were not as good as expected recently, and (Daniel Sennheiser) said this summer that competitive pressure had risen sharply and profit margins were under pressure at the time.

The company has also laid off 650 employees worldwide and currently employs around 2,800 people.

Sennheiser's press release stated that the company appears to be interested in the partners in providing consumer financing for the audio business, but is not refusing to sell them all.

Sennheiser Brothers told Handelsblatt: All options are open. It is important for us that all areas of work become stronger after reorganization. We will be more willing to use our advantages to invest in our business with strong partners around us. Consumer activity.

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