Supports Microsoft Word with new AI-based functionality
Supports Microsoft Word with new AI-based functionality

Microsoft plans to launch a new word-processing feature next month. This is the function of (Text Predictions) Text Predictions that rely on their work in AI to suggest writing words in real time and increasing productivity.

Last year, Microsoft first introduced this feature to 50% of Windows Beta Channel subscribers. However, it was discovered in an update to the Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365) release earlier this week. This achievement indicates that the company plans to make this update available to all Word users within the next month.

So, Word competes with the Google Docs app, which has a similar feature called Smart Compose, which has been available since 2018.

what's the job? How does it work in Word?

This feature uses machine learning to provide handwriting suggestions based on the text that the user has written. According to Microsoft, "New updates to Word help users write more effectively by predicting text quickly, in time, and with accuracy."

This function generates invalid text prediction words. User can add it directly to the text he wrote directly by pressing the (Tab) key, or ignore it and type normally or hide it completely by pressing the key on the keyboard (Esc).

In addition, the application's new functionality (Word) adapts to the user's writing style by analyzing language preferences and writing habits, thus reducing or completely avoiding spelling and grammatical errors in the text.

The company plans to launch the feature later in March, but at the same time it did not specify the date of its arrival in the web version or the macOS version.

It should be noted that Microsoft is working hard to provide regular updates to its word processing app, last year it added a transcription feature to the Word for the web app, which provides an easy way to transcribe audio automatically.

In addition, a suite of programs (Microsoft Office) has been launched for iPad tablet users focusing on productivity and includes many applications including: application support (Word) and functions (split display support, mouse functions and touch control panels) in addition to the latest iPadOS function system .

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