The Caviar's PlayStation 5 costs $ 500,000
The Caviar's PlayStation 5 costs $ 500,000

In the second half of last year, the Russian company Caviar decided to move away from the usual field of making jewelry smartphones and announced that the gold-plated PlayStation 5 platform is called Golden Rock due to its unique appearance.

The production price of the nine platforms is half a million dollars. If you thought no one was willing to pay, you'd be wrong that the company has received 1,342 applications since December 28.

Prospects include basketball stars (LeBron James), well-known Russian businessmen who live outside Russia, and well-known American IT entrepreneurs whose names will not be revealed.

The Golden Rock Rig takes about four months to work, and Caviar has hired a jewelry contractor who specializes in gold jewelry to prepare the test samples.

Each pallet holds up to 4.5 kg of 18 karat gold. The process starts with 8 individual bricks of solid gold, which must be cast into art designs and secured with PS5.

The wishbone was also covered in black alligator skin, and the video below shows a copy of the golden dock.

And if you don't have a million bucks now, you can also browse custom carbon fiber or crocodile leather. The company produces 99 pieces each.

The Carbon Fiber version of the PlayStation 5 (digital version) costs $ 5,830 and covers the car in carbon fiber, while the 24-karat gold alligator platform costs $ 8,140.

Caviar has also adapted carbon fiber and leather wishbones to match the platform.

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