Will Apple hold an event next March? Here's everything we know so far
Will Apple hold an event next March? Here's everything we know so far

Last week it was changed that March 16 of last year Apple was the first event of that year, but an author on Bloomberg's website (Mark Gorman) posted a tweet that I heard Apple doesnt have a separate date. This does not exclude Apple from participating in March, as it only prevents participation from not belonging to this shared mode.

But did Apple hold an event before March?

As we all know, like Apple and as expected in the year, such as WWD Development Conference in June and Apple's management of the new Prehentones.

This is part of the second installment of Mac computers from last year. For example: Apple hosts three events in 2020, and products only shown or disabled between three months through October: November.

But what are the March events and the visualization, it is difficult to precede them. The company does not have personal awareness of the spread of the Corona virus in March 2020, but in a statement that concerns only new models. Month.

Apple hosted a service industry session in the 2019 spring semester, and an event in March 2018 that featured a new Learning Tablet PC.

Hence, we firmly believe that if the company were signed in March 2021, it would be a hypothetical event. Lots of people are betting that the loss of virtual events on the Internet is much greater than the loss of events in various places that are sold. This leads to the credibility that Apple will be able to hold its event in March of this year. National year to celebrate some new events on controversial devices. Or I present to you the current model.

Here are the main devices that Apple will announce at the monitoring in March:

1- New iPad Pro and iPad Mini computers:

This is the first to launch a new model of iPad Pro with display technology (mini LED) in 2021, where the technology will be in the tablet. . The device (iPad Pro) 12.9 inch, belongs to the 11 inch model.

According to leaked information, it is stated that the new line of the new iPad tablet will rapidly become with the same design as the 2020 model. The concerns that differ from them are that it may include another display technology in addition to any other display technology. Become a processor (A14) for good performance.

They also feel that Apple launched a new iPad Mini that has an 8.4-inch screen, common frame, top and bottom bezels, home button, and more. Touch ID.

2- New iPhone SE:

Religious site Macotakara said Apple will launch the third generation iPhone SE in April instead of March. The phone belongs to the category of budget phones without any additional details and nothing to mention that Apple is developing another version of the iPhone SE. It may have a 5.5 inch screen and an iPhone 8 Plus design.

3- New Wireless Headphone:

After the wireless headphones (AirPods Max) were introduced in December last year, there were additional rights, and Apple is part of improving wireless headphones settings and bringing them to the market in 2021.

The second-generation headset (AirPods Pro) will be launched in April. A more compact design makes the underside guide for the helmet stand out, but reports (Bloomberg) have heard this change in design remains uncertain.

The person responsible for the leak also caused Apple to develop a new type of headphone (AirPods) with interchangeable handles and earphones. The price will be about 20% lower than that of the AirPods Pro.

 4- AirTags Extension:

So far, two years have passed and rumors are circulating about the date of the arrival of the element tracking attachment (AirTags), and while the two leaks (Ming-Chi Kuo) and (Jon Prosser) agreed that the date of the announcement of the device will be during this year 2021, the latter was more specific through his confirmation. The exact date will be during the upcoming March event.

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