YouTube is expanding parental controls for teens
YouTube is expanding parental controls for teens

YouTube announced the launch of "Parent Experience," a new set of parental controls that will give parents greater control over the content their children can access through video streaming platforms.

According to an article, YouTube hopes parental controls will help parents familiarize older children with age-appropriate content and features outside of the YouTube Kids app.

The upcoming feature targets users who may exceed YouTube Kids' limits. The program will start in an early beta version first, and a larger beta version will start in the coming months.

Parents can choose from three levels of restriction and limit the content a child can view on the account:

  •     Exploration level: generally suitable for children over 9 years old.
  •     Deeper exploration: suitable for ages 13 and up.
  •     Most YouTube levels: Almost all content is acceptable, except for content with an age limit.

Individuals aged 13 or over can create their own YouTube accounts in the US and most other countries without supervision.

It is not clear what content is allowed at what level, but YouTube said that the level of crawl includes vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music videos, news, educational content, etc.

As the name suggests, in addition to the real-time broadcast of the aforementioned Explore phase, the Explore phase also includes a larger collection of videos.

The company said: Most levels of YouTube have sensitive topics and may only be appropriate for older teens.

The YouTube review experience is always based on user input, manual reviews, and machine learning.

The platform admits that it may not be perfect, while also acknowledging that it may make mistakes that occurred through the YouTube Kids app.

New parental control options are designed to help parents restrict their kids by YouTube Kids. However, they are likely to take full advantage of the YouTube experience.

YouTube can be a dangerous place full of misinformation. So it is good to see that Google provides more tools for parents so that their children can access them more easily.

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