Zuckerberg urges employees to hurt Apple
Zuckerberg urges employees to hurt Apple

As the battle between Facebook and Apple escalates, the Wall Street Journal publishes a new report describing Zuckerberg's anger against Apple.

Zuckerberg has expressed fear over the years that Cook will have too much influence on the social media giant's affairs, and his anger escalated in 2018.

The report noted that one of the turning points in that battle was an interview (Tim Cook) conducted during the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal in 2018.

In an interview, Cook said that Apple would never face this situation and called for careful regulation to avoid similar situations in the future.

Zuckerberg's response was a public speech in which he said that Cooke's statements were spontaneous, short-lived and completely inconsistent with the facts.

The report says: Zuckerberg is more cruel in secrets. He reportedly told his team on Facebook: We have to make Apple suffer.

According to reports, Facebook deliberately joined Epic Games in the legal battle against Apple in late 2020.

While the company ultimately chose to remain neutral, it agreed to document and support Epic Games as needed.

According to the latest reports, Facebook is planning to file an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

Facebook spokesman Danny Lever (Danny Liver) said in a statement: Apple's choice between personal service and privacy is a bad compromise, and Facebook is showing both at the same time. This company has nothing to do but the future of free internet.

She indicated that small businesses, application developers and consumers will incur losses under Apple's new rules, and added: Apple claims that this is about privacy, but it is about profit, and we are partnering with others to show their personal preferences and anti-competitive behavior.

A Facebook spokesperson denied that the dispute between the two companies was personal, saying: Facebook plans to support Apple on behalf of the companies and developers affected by the new policy.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Facebook and Apple aren't always at odds. In a 2014 interview, Cook named Zuckerberg as a partner when he pointed out the competitive threat to Android.

According to the report, Zuckerberg and Coca-Cola met in person in 2017 as tensions escalated in the following years, leading to violent clashes.

At the moment, the tension between Facebook and Apple is so great that the company's advisors, including law firms and lobbyists, fear that they will not be able to work with both, the report said.

Apple has always committed to privacy and plans to introduce a new feature to make app tracking transparent to the public soon.

Cook continued to criticize Facebook's business model, saying in an interview last month: Respecting shared privacy will lead to polarization and violence.

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