All you need to know about the new PDF Reader features in Edge
All you need to know about the new PDF Reader features in Edge

Microsoft released a new update schedule for the PDF reader created by the Microsoft Edge browser last Monday. The company has added several updates to the tool so that users can get the most out of it.

Are there details?

Microsoft has long said that most of the tool's new features will be based on the needs of Edge browser users as these new updates apply directly to browser versions for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The new tool update supports table of contents and page preview, in which URL links are displayed in the PDF document in different colors. You can also save comments easily from the text in the document.

Microsoft has also added a number of features to the tool that target general and educational users, such as: for example document reading, dictionary and search functions for a better understanding of the search content and functions.

In addition to other features, for example: Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) adds a layer of security to your document and only users with specific permissions can edit the document.

It also has IRM (Information Rights Management) functionality and transparent view of permissions in Edge browser without third-party tools. The certificate-based digital signature feature allows you to view digital signatures (currently in preview) and review PDF documents directly in your browser.

Microsoft also plans to add a feature (Recovery View) that will allow you to start reading from the last pause before closing the document. This is very useful when reading long PDF documents. Also, the company plans to add a preview to the PDF. File Explorer and Outlook support adding fields.

It should be noted that the company began testing a new Microsoft Edge browser functionality, which is designed to increase browser startup time by running basic browser processes in the background when starting a Windows PC. 10.

If you launch the Microsoft Edge browser via the taskbar or the desktop, or via (hyperlink) in other applications (such as Word documents), then the Microsoft Edge browser known as (start-up acceleration) can start up faster.

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