BMW iDrive 8 brings autonomous driving closer
BMW iDrive 8 brings autonomous driving closer

BMW introduced a new version of the iDrive infotainment system, which has been the cornerstone of the automaker's automotive experience for 20 years.

The IDrive Edition 8 is indicated by a new curved screen that starts behind the wheel and extends into the dashboard.

This includes integrating a 12.3-inch dashboard and a 14.9-inch infotainment screen in the center to form a driver's corner unit.

The automaker said the screen size will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the screen will float.

The new iDrive will be offered in the new BMW electric SUV and the BMW i4 electric vehicle later this year.

BMW said: Compared to the previous model, the system has been greatly improved so that the amount of data the computer can process is 20-30 times that of the previous model, which is twice the amount of data that could be processed in the past. .

This can be achieved through greater integration of the vehicle's sensors, which allows for a greater degree of autonomy.

BMW's chief technology officer has said the iDrive is a big step towards fully self-driving cars. He stated that the iDrive is designed to support Level 2 and Level 3 autonomous driving systems.

The Society of Automobile Engineers defines advanced driver assistance systems as Level 2, which includes lane keeping, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Nowadays, most cars from the major carmakers include enhanced driver assistance versions.

Level 3 refers to highly automated driving, also known as conditional automation. In this case, the driver should always be able to take over the car on request.

IDrive can be controlled by touch, voice activation or gesture control and has three main layouts:

    Driving: The driver can use the dynamic shift range of the information display center to display individually identifiable information.
    Focus: was developed to suit highly dynamic driving situations.
    Library: Minimize drive contents to leave as much space for tool contents as possible.

The company said: The personal intelligent assistant from BMW can adapt to the personal and daily needs of the driver, and thus it is a central operating channel for human-computer interaction.

The virtual assistant plays a digital role and can have a natural dialogue with the driver and the passenger, similar to the relationship between people.

Using UWB broadband technology, the iDrive system can upload personal settings to the driver by recognizing the ignition key or a smartphone when the driver approaches the vehicle.

There are three driving modes - sporty, personal and efficient - to control driving functions such as the throttle, steering characteristics, regenerative braking and body settings, as well as internal and external noise.

Navigation, parking and charging information for electric vehicles are fully integrated into iDrive.

The system includes the company’s mapping function and a new function called “Learn to Navigate”, which can be used to find and predict the driver’s next destination based on the driver’s personal identity.

The company said: iDrive supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless for free.

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