Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin becomes available
Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin becomes available

According to Tesla's website and a tweet from CEO (Elon Musk) Elon Musk, as he promised earlier this year, Tesla is now accepting payments in cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Musk said in a subsequent tweet: Bitcoin paid to Tesla will remain Bitcoin and will not be converted into paper money.

Musk noted that the company uses internal open source software and directly operates the Bitcoin contract. These are computers that verify transactions over the Bitcoin network and avoid using cryptocurrencies twice.

He added that the ability to pay in Bitcoin would be available outside of the United States later this year, without the need to specify a country.

According to the support page, by scanning the QR code or by copying the address and bitcoin amount and pasting them into your wallet, you can make cryptocurrency payments through your wallet.

The company's pre-tax price for electric vehicles typically ranges from $ 37,990 to $ 124,000.

Tesla hopes to be able to simultaneously send a certain amount of Bitcoin, otherwise your order may be canceled. Tesla accepts only bitcoins and does not accept any other cryptocurrency.

After sending your wallet currency, the page will refresh within 1 minute. If not updated, please do not resend the payment because the company will send you a confirmation email once we receive the payment, which may take up to six hours.

Tesla largely entered the bitcoin market last month, buying bitcoin at a cost of $ 1.5 billion to diversify its investments and increase its investments.

Given the volatility of the currency and the amount that makes up a large portion of Tesla's money, this move is surprising.

The company has also warned investors about the detection of potential malicious attacks and technological obsolescence in fiat currencies.

The current price of Bitcoin is $ 56,500. Although Tesla has never confirmed how much it paid, it is likely that the price ranges between $ 30K and $ 35K.

Tesla's image as a green carmaker is in stark contrast to the Bitcoin network's massive carbon footprint. Cambridge University researchers found that it uses more electricity every year than all of Argentina.

A 2018 research paper published in Nature (arguably the most famous academic journal in the world) found that bitcoin emissions alone could warm the world by more than 2 degrees Celsius.

Tesla's stock price has risen sharply over the past 12 months as Tesla's share price has risen from around $ 100 to over $ 600. However, some investors believe that Tesla is in the bubble area.

Tesla's market cap increased to over $ 800 billion in the first twelve months of January and decreased to less than $ 600 billion in February.

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