Canoo unveils its electric pick-up truck
Canoo unveils its electric pick-up truck

Canoo, the startup of electric cars, has announced that it will catch up with several competitors and will launch US-made electric pickups in 2023. These competitors have also entered the most popular segment of the US auto market.

Tony Aquila, CEO of Canoo, announced the timing of the truck and said the Los Angeles-based company would start taking initial orders in the second quarter of 2021, but did not provide pricing details.

Aquila told Reuters: The company's goal is to bring the truck to the market in the first quarter of 2023, which Canoo will manufacture at a small US plant that is opening.

He added, "It's not like any truck I've seen before. It's only the size of a Ford Ranger. It can carry an oversized pickup truck and it has a radius. A Prius stolen."

Pickups are one of the best-selling vehicles in the new car market in the United States. Ford, General Motors, and Stellatis NV dominate the gasoline industry and account for a large portion of these companies' profits.

General Motors and Ford plan to introduce electric pickups to maintain their dominance, while Kanu and Tesla believe that with electric vehicle sales soaring, they may open up a portion of the market.

General Motors, Tesla and startups Rivian and Lordstown plan to launch electric pickup trucks later this year, while Ford Motors will launch them in mid-2022.

The Cano pickups joined the show, which includes seven capsule cars launched in the second quarter of 2022, delivery vehicles later this year, and sports cars in 2025.

The truck is aimed at consumers and commercial customers, and Aquila said the company is negotiating with states over potential locations for the plant.

Canoo has developed a low platform that combines batteries, electric motors, and chassis components such as steering, brakes and wheels on which different types of objects can be built.

It has a maximum output of 600 hp and an electric range of more than 320 km, the company said. Aquila expects to have a range of 480 kilometers or more by the time the truck arrives.

The truck has luggage storage in the front, a foldable workbench with power outlets, and a foldable end table.

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