Epic Games expands the battle with Google to Australia
Epic Games expands the battle with Google to Australia

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit with major mobile app store operators around the world in a new lawsuit against Google in Australia.

The new lawsuit accuses Google of anti-competitive behavior that violates Australian consumer laws and accuses the search giant of violating competition and consumer laws in the country of 2010.

The lawsuit follows a similar lawsuit against Apple in Australia last November, and the lawsuit between Epic Games and the App Store was extended to the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

According to the lawsuit, Apple and Google have reached the point where app makers can convert more than 30% of alternative app stores or alternative payment systems included with the apps. This is a growing requirement. Companies, application developers and regulators. Doing business with Apple and Google App Stores.

Epic Games said: Google is misusing its control over the Android operating system, restricting payment processing and competition in app distribution through the Google Play Store. This reverse behavior prevents innovation, reduces consumer choice, and leads to higher prices.

(Tim Sweeney) Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company that makes Fortnite games, said in a statement: Google is fooling everyone by arguing about the existence of alternative app stores on its platform or by allowing apps to be downloaded directly. . Third-party services, but in reality this situation is so rare that it does not affect the monopoly.

Sweeney added: The hurdles that Google put in the Android OS are real. He highlighted the actions Google has taken, such as warning users against downloading any software outside of the Google Play Store, in order to trick users into downloading only approved programs.

He added: Metrics like this show that Google is more interested in pretending to be open than offering consumers options. We believe that consumers have the right to install apps from any source and that developers have the right to compete in a fair market. .

This argument differs slightly from that of Epic Games v Apple in a similar way, as Google allows external downloads from app stores and other apps that have not been approved by the Google Play Store.

However, according to Epic Games, Google makes it extremely difficult to download apps directly from Android devices, forcing the vast majority of users to get apps through the Google Play Store.

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